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XCentium Launches Plugin to Enable Personalization for Sitecore Experience Commerce™

XCentium delivers first to market Personalization plugin for Sitecore Experience Commerce™, leveraging the Sitecore Personalization Rules
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XCentium, an award-winning digital consultancy, announced today that they have created and launched a Personalization plugin for Sitecore Experience Commerce, enabling customers to leverage the Sitecore® Personalization Rules Engine for their ecommerce strategy.

This Personalization plugin, developed by Senior Developer, Yassine Alahyane, enables clients to now extend Sitecore’s legendary personalization capabilities to their product offerings, giving clients the opportunity to leverage personalization to drive higher revenue, as well as greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With 80% of shoppers stating they are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalized experiences, it is no wonder that 54% of executives committed to personalization report that they exceeded annual revenue targets compared to only 15% of those not as committed to the tactic. (Instapage)

“This Personalization plugin enables organizations to personalize product information such as pricing, images, inventory or any custom product data by leveraging Sitecore Personalization Rules and Commerce Variations,” shares Yassine Alahyane, Senior Sitecore Commerce Developer at XCentium. “It also provides a Sitecore xConnect report to measure personalization effectiveness using metrics such as number of visits, average duration and conversion rate. These capabilities ultimately allow organizations to both better serve their customers and maximize sales potentials.”

In addition to enabling personalized product offerings at scale, the plugin tracks campaign and personalization codes all the way through the basket and order entities. This provides additional insights into patterns around abandoned cart as it relates to the profile attributes previously. Harnessing this data helps clients make informed, real-time adjustments to their ecommerce strategy in order to provide a superior customer experience and, ultimately, increase sales.

The ability to create sets of products using this plugin essentially enables the marketing team to create not only virtual catalogs for each of the identified personas or profile attributes, but to additionally refine product attributes to be more targeted for the intended audience. As knowledge of the customer profile grows, so do the data tags that can be passed through Sitecore rules engine to customize what and how the catalog is presented. The tests that a marketer is able to run is only limited by their imagination.

“This plugin bridges the present and the future. It connects Sitecore’s Commerce Engine to Sitecore’s powerful Personalization and Analytics capabilities in such a way that it opens up possibilities within Commerce to tap into the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that Sitecore is heavily developing”, shares Phil Bui, Vice President of Sitecore Commerce at XCentium. “The AI can continually test and refine product sets, finding new and perhaps surprising insights that drive an organization to innovation.”

Clients who are interested in learning how they can offer personalized products as part of their Sitecore Experience Commerce strategy are encouraged to contact XCentium directly. XCentium has also publicly released their Personalized plugin on GitHub for Sitecore Commerce developers to use. To learn more about extending personalization for your Sitecore Experience Commerce store, please contact XCentium via email at info@xcentium.com.

About XCentium
XCentium is an award-winning, full-service digital consultancy. We deliver engaging customer experiences on User Experience, Content Management, Commerce, CRM, and Cloud. XCentium is a Sitecore Platinum Partner, Platinum Insite Commerce Partner, Salesforce Consulting Partner and Gold Certified Microsoft Partner. For more information, please visit XCentium.com. For inquiries, please contact info@xcentium.com.

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