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xiQ Pioneers Personality-Based Engagement (PBE) for B2B Sales and Marketing

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xiQ, the leading AI-powered B2B Marketing and Sales Platform, introduces Personality-Based Engagement (PBE).  By combining proven behavioral science-based personality assessment methodologies with Artificial Intelligence (AI), xiQ has created a new category for B2B precision selling and marketing.

  • Personality-Based Sales empowers B2B Sellers to better understand buyers, what motivates them, and what drives their decisions. It enables sellers to custom-tailor their pitches and radically improve how they build trusted relationships with their buyers.
  • Personality-Based Marketing allows B2B Marketers to segment audiences by personality type and develop campaigns and content that resonates with each prospect. It enables them to market to an audience of one at scale.

“It’s about people, not accounts. People buy from people they trust. Treating accounts as monolithic institutions is very simplistic and adds insult to injury. Building emotional connections is the most critical yet most overlooked part of B2B sales and marketing,” says xiQ’s Founder and CEO Usman Sheikh. “xiQ’s unique ability to predict individual behavioral traits provides an unprecedented opportunity to connect with buyers and prospects in a highly personal manner.”

Marketers and sellers need to speak in the vernacular of their prospects, understand what drives their interests and cultivate that emotional appeal to achieve successful results. Addressing an audience of one, in a scalable way, has not been possible till now. xiQ leverages AI to interpret publicly available digital footprints of individuals and develops a predictive DISC personality profile within seconds. The ability to predict the personality type of each prospect creates a whole new set of unprecedented personalization opportunities.

The science of psychometric analysis has existed for over a century but has been predominantly used for HR and career guidance. By digitizing personality assessment and combining it with a world-class end-to-end marketing and sales platform, xiQ has caused a disruptive step-change in the over-crowded sales and marketing technology stack.

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