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Yeager released Guided Practice Solutions


Navigating the increasingly complex terrain of technology product and service marketing has long been a challenge for B2B companies. Now, Yeager, a dynamic leader in integrated marketing for leading B2B technology companies, is making waves in the industry by releasing its new Guided Practice Solutions (GPS) to help clients improve their marketing outcomes.

Drawing on over 15 years of industry experience working with the leading and most innovative technology companies in the world, the agency’s portfolio of solutions—Yeager GPS—offers marketers access to a comprehensive framework that streamlines project development, accelerates delivery, and maximizes value for critical initiatives. Yeager GPS empowers marketing teams with best practices, ‘what works now’ strategies, implementation roadmaps, and best-in-class deliverables, helping them achieve their goals faster and with greater success.

The solutions cater to the most critical needs in B2B tech marketing, including branding and messaging, content creation, demand generation, and market research:

  • Brand GPS – Crafting unique, impactful brands that resonate with audiences and stand out in a saturated tech market
  • Content GPS – Creating strategy-driven content programs for engagement at every buyer journey stage
  • Demand GPS – Generating demand early and throughout the entire sales cycle to build trust and stay ahead in the B2B tech market
  • Research GPS – Providing insightful research for informed, competitive marketing strategies

While designed for simplicity and structure, Yeager GPS offerings also provide flexibility for customization and bundling to support larger, longer-term campaigns. Renee Yeager, CEO and co-founder, noted, “Just as people rely on GPS to reach a destination, our forward-thinking framework delivers significant value to marketers by helping them eliminate guesswork, address critical marketing challenges more quickly, and accelerate the time it takes to launch programs and achieve ROI.”

“These solutions are built from the best practices and proprietary methods we have developed by executing thousands of brand, content, research, and demand generation projects for leading technology companies, large and small,” said Mark Yeager, President and co-founder of Yeager. “We’re excited to release our GPS offerings to help clients realize the benefits of proven strategies instead of relying on trial and error to determine what is really effective for these sorts of projects.”

Yeager is also launching a new brand as part of the solution launch, with a new website and a name change from Yeager Marketing to Yeager. “True to our mission to aim higher in all that we do, our Creative Director, Michael Carmigiano and his team produced a stellar new brand for the agency,” Renee Yeager added. “We can’t wait for the industry to see it.”

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