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New product automates video creation and distribution for property advertising, branding, and agent-centric online content
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Real Estate SaaS digital marketing company Ylopo announces the launch of an innovative online advertising tool that automatically generates and publishes unique, web-ready video content for the purpose of property marketing, agent branding, and brokerage recruiting martech news.

The new product is accessible via the company’s existing user experience and is now available to customers for promoting just sold properties, new listings, brokerage-success videos, and a wide range of industry expertise martech.

Ylopo’s automated Facebook advertising product for real estate agents is an industry-first, providing quick, simple, and targeted online outreach for listing promotion and agent marketing with easy-to-understand budget transparency. DyVa will reflect that model of financial clarity and automation, allowing users to customize advertising budgets for each campaign while choosing from a broad selection of creative content, they never even have to turn on a camera to have a top-performing video campaign.

“This is an exciting time for our company, and we’re ready to put the power of video advertising in the hands of every agent,” said Ylopo Co-founder and CEO Howard Tager.

On average, video ads increase brand visibility by 350% more than static photos, and have also proven to be more cost-effective, showing a 300% increase in cost efficiency per audience member engaged.

Ylopo will also make available to users a series of longer-form general branding and shareable videos that will share popular memes, housing trends, home care, and other engaging topics. Samples of DyVa video content is available at

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