Yottaa Launches Web Version of Its eCommerce Technology Index

Interactive Index Enables Online Brands to Easily Discover the Best and Worst Performing eCommerce Technology 3rd Parties
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Yottaa, Inc., the leading cloud platform for accelerating and securing eCommerce digital experiences, today launched a dynamic version of the company’s annual index on the performance of 3rd party technologies used on online retail and brand websites that includes extended data and additional analysis. Designed to help retailers research new innovative features for their sites and understand the impact 3rd party technologies can have on site performance and digital experience, the dynamic version of the 2022 eCommerce Technology Index enables brands to easily search and find performance ratings for over 500 of the most popular eCommerce technologies.

“3rd party eCommerce technologies are at the center of the shopping experience, delivering innovation that attracts, converts, and grows shopper relationships,” said Rick Kenney, Managing Director, Leading Lights, a leading eCommerce benchmark analyst firm that compiled the 2022 index. “Beware, though, that innovation can come at a cost – the negative impact many 3rd parties have on site speed. The dynamic version of the 2022 eCommerce Technology Index provides retailers with a powerful, interactive tool to understand the full site performance impact of 3rd parties on shopper experiences.”

The 2022 eCommerce Technology Index examines the site performance impact of the most widely adopted eCommerce 3rd parties. The data in the index represents 4 billion page views and more than 700 million 3rd party load events from the 1,500 eCommerce sites using Yottaa’s digital experience optimization solutions. The dynamic version of the index was launched today on, an educational portal dedicated to digital experience optimization content for online brands.

The average eCommerce site has 40-60 3rd parties. Some sites have hundreds of these technologies. While 3rd party features enable brands to provide shoppers with engaging online experiences, they can also slow down load times on unoptimized pages. With the new dynamic index, retailers can easily search and determine the site performance impact of the most popular eCommerce 3rd parties across a wide range of technology categories. In the index, 3rd parties earn a Performance Impact Rating (PIR) that measures the performance impact on an eCommerce website. PIR scores are stratified on a red, yellow, green color scale based on site performance impact.

Click here to see the dynamic version of the 2022 eCommerce Technology Index. Click here to download the PDF version of the index.

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