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Zaius Begins Era of Service-Led Retail

Zaius Begins Era of Service-Led Retail

Zaius B2C CRM assists Zendesk-powered service reps with an augmented view of a customer including interaction history, predictions, and personalized product recommendations

At the Zendesk Showcase today Zaius introduced Zaius for Service, a new product tailored for online retail service teams to gain full visibility of a customer’s information, behaviors, and needs. Powered by Zendesk Sunshine and Zaius’ proprietary customer data stitching and data science technology, service teams can now access the same customer insights and analysis already available to their marketing colleagues. During today’s event, Zaius will share the Service-led Retail story on stage at 2pm.

Service agents using Zaius with Zendesk will have access to the customer’s information, including on-site browsing history, behavioral indicators of future purchase intent, and personalized product recommendations. Armed with this complete view of the customer, agents create relevant engagements that delight their customers, deepen customer loyalty, and increase lifetime value.

“Zendesk is focused on modernizing the customer experience, which includes empowering organizations to improve the future of service,” said Billy Robins, Zendesk Director, Technology Alliances.  “With the combined power of Zendesk Sunshine and Zaius, agents see a customer from every angle, alongside predictive product recommendations. This can extend one customer interaction into a holistic retail experience, ultimately driving customer satisfaction and lifetime value.”

Zaius-powered marketing teams have long accessed the richness of Zendesk customer service information via a one-click integration. Stitched within the Zaius customer view, service data provides a clear picture of the state of the customer relationship to help marketers tailor messages to customers or even pause campaigns until a customer service request has been met. With today’s two-way integration, Zaius removes the wall between service and marketing to provide an even stronger customer experience.

Zaius CEO Mark Gally added, “A Zaius-powered customer view provides service agents contextualized data on customer interactions throughout a call and the agent can now act as a personal shopper, guiding a customer through the ultimate personalized experience. Combining Zaius and Zendesk, brands can transform a traditional cost center into a satisfaction-boosting revenue driver.”

Transform with service-led retail and get started here.

About Zaius
Zaius loves your customers and was built to help you give them the best possible experience! It starts with Zaius’ proprietary platform that connects all the data, creates unified customer views, and automatically serves up trends, segments, and behaviors. Assisted by this clarity, marketers, service agents, and merchandisers can confidently and creatively deliver a customer-first experience.

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