Customer Engagement Revolutionizes Customer Engagement for Businesses

Transformative voice-first technology works across voice assistants, IVR/telephony, and chatbots, accelerating business transition to and adoption of the voice economy
user engagement, the company accelerating the transition to the voice economy, announced today the world’s only no-code, conversational AI platform. The Zammo conversational AI platform allows businesses to engage and transact with customers on voice assistants, interactive voice response (IVR)/telephony, and popular chatbot channels. The platform eliminates time-consuming and cost prohibitive service contracts that until now, have prevented businesses from embracing conversational AI technology.

According to Juniper Research, the total transaction value of smart home payments, payments that occur via smart home devices, will exceed $164 billion in 2025, from $22 billion in 2020. They also noted that increasing use of voice assistants via smart speakers for eCommerce, propelled by rising user and merchant acceptance, will drive dramatic growth of over 630% in total value over the next five years.

“Voice-enabled communication is better for everyone. Not only is it more efficient for the business, but it also makes information more accessible, creating a more inclusive society,” said Alex Farr, CEO and Founder of “Until now, the problem has been how to get businesses there. Zammo makes conversational AI a reality for all organizations.”

Zammo’s Transformative No Code SaaS Platform
As a no-code SaaS platform, Zammo allows any business user to design and deploy conversational AI, across all channels without coding or technical expertise. This includes IVR/telephony, voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, SMS/text, chatbots from web and mobile, Facebook Messenger, and more.

“Zammo is disruptive but at the same time it is a very simple no code SaaS solution. What Zammo disrupts is the status quo, enabling businesses to leverage the power of conversational AI. Zammo can be leveraged by non-technical people across the organization, from contact centers to sales and marketing.  With powerful data analytics, teams can measure and improve user interactions across all channels. This is what the market has been waiting for,” said Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research.

True no-code solutions like Zammo provide any business team with autonomy to execute against business goals and not be held back by already overwhelmed IT teams. With conversation modules tailored for specific use cases, Zammo delivers operational efficiency in contact centers, as well as across marketing, sales, HR, and customer service.

Zammo delivers additional value through unified data analytics across all channels, leveraging insights from user engagement for business-led learning and continuous improvement.

A Voice-First Contact Center
Zammo is the only no-code way to incorporate conversational AI into an IVR system. The platform transforms contact centers by:

  • Creating happier agents and reducing churn
  • Alleviating training needs and reducing the burden on HR
  • Improving customer experience as customers can get things done quickly, 24/7, through any channel they prefer
  • Providing ADA-compliant information accessibility solutions for differently-abled employees and customers
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency by automating queries with voice

“Zammo’s no-code development platform has enabled us to deploy voice-first conversational AI across voice and chat channels in a matter of days. That is true digital transformation. The benefits were immediate, but the performance of the solution is in a state of continuous improvement thanks to the integrated and deep user analytics,” said Chad Green, Bauen Studios CEO. “ handles approximately 70 percent of our general business inquiries through the voice assistants and website chatbot, resulting in an annual cost savings of more than $20,000.”

Recent Momentum

  • Zammo was recently recognized at the Project Voice Awards for the Microsoft AI Use Case of the Year
  • Zammo was Microsoft AI Solution of the Month for April 2021
  • Customers have validated Zammo’s solution at Microsoft’s biggest AI events and in feature videos
  • Notable investors and advisors include Miguel ForbesChristian Rockefeller, and Kevin Mcquillan

To learn more about the Zammo conversational AI platform or to schedule a custom demo, where you see and hear your specific content and workflow on voice assistants, a chatbot and on dial-in telephony, please visit

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