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ZettaScale launches “Taming the Dragon” webinar series

  • Series provides robotics, autonomous vehicle and Internet-scale HPC communities with insights on implementing Zenoh, the little blue dragon protocol
  • Zenoh delivers unified and location-transparent abstractions for data in motion, data at rest and computations.
  • Webinar series starts November 22 and includes specific topics related to implementing Zenoh and maximizing its capabilities

ZettaScale Technology, an innovator of technologies to communicate, compute and store at any scale, is launching “Taming the Dragon,” a new webinar series targeted for the robotics, autonomous vehicle and Internet-scale HPC communities. The series includes a variety of topics related to the implementation and capabilities of Zenoh, the little blue dragon protocol.

The series starts with an in-depth introduction of Zenoh. Follow-on webinars demonstrate Zenoh’s use in (1) swarm communication and teleoperation in robotics, including ROS and ROS2; (2) integration of microcontrollers and low power networks; (3) integration with databases and other messaging protocols; and, (4) data flow.

“The response to Zenoh from the robotics, autonomous vehicle, HPC communities has been nothing short of outstanding,” said Angelo Corsaro, PhD, ZettaScale CEO. “We designed it from the ground-up to overcome the limitations of existing protocols and to address the requirements of next generation Internet-scale, real-time and power efficient applications. This webinar series is the next logical step in the growth and adoption of Zenoh.”

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Taming the Dragon webinar series:

  • Nov 22: Zenoh Genesis
  • Nov 29: Zenoh: Getting Started
  • Dec 6: ROS2 Robot-to-Anything with Zenoh
  • Dec 13: Zenoh on Microcontrollers and Low Power Networks
  • Dec 20: Integrating DataBases and Messaging Protocols with Zenoh
  • Jan 6: Data Flow Programming with Zenoh-Flow

Zenoh combines and extends the capabilities found in protocols such as DDS and MQTT (message queuing telemetry transport) with NDN (name data networking) to provide location-transparent abstractions for high performance pub/sub and distributed queries across geo-distributed and heterogeneous storage technologies. It is uniquely positioned to address the challenges the robotics community currently faces with ROS1-to-ROS2 migration.

The most recent release of the Zenoh protocol, code named Bahamut after the mythical dragon, delivers a number of enhancements, including a streamlined API for Rust, C, and Python; improved performance delivering more than 51 Gbps and 15us latency; support for a wide range of network transport; and much more.

Zenoh-Flow is ZettaScale’s new data-flow framework that facilitates the development of robot swarms and autonomous driving.

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