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ZoomInfo Mobilizes B2B Intelligence With Launch of Two Mobile Apps

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ZoomInfo, the global leader in go-to-market (GTM) intelligence solutions, today announced the launch of its new mobile presence, releasing both a free and premium application, CommunitieZ Go and ZoomInfo Mobile, to support its community and enterprise customer base martech news. Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, both applications support the growing demand for instant access to actionable, high-quality B2B data.

Through ZoomInfo’s free application, CommunitieZ Go, users have access to a simple search tool to easily find contact and account data on their mobile device. The premium version, ZoomInfo Mobile, available to all users on the new ZoomInfo Powered by DiscoverOrg platform, arms enterprise customers with advanced features and deeper B2B insights.

For premium users, not only does ZoomInfo Mobile provide benefits from real-time newsfeed alerts and intelligence that go beyond standard demographic and firmographic data points, they are also equipped to immediately initiate a call and track the latest account activities, whether they are on-site, in the field, or on the move.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a traditional sales or marketing professional, or have an entirely different job function, the modern B2B professional is mobile. They don’t just need to stay connected – they need to stay informed and opportunistic, too,” said Henry Schuck, Founder and CEO of ZoomInfo. “That’s what true mobility is. Through our new mobile presence, ZoomInfo is in a unique position to help customers through access to actionable data, no matter where they are.”

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