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Virtusa acquires Factor Creative LLC

Virtusa Corporation, a global provider of digital strategy, digital engineering, and information technology (IT) services, today announced an expansion to its service portfolio through the acquisition of Factor Creative LLC, a prominent full-service creative agency based in Walnut Creek, CA.

This acquisition will enable Virtusa to create a more comprehensive end-to-end martech offering for clients with the addition of brand identity & strategy, creative, and marketing analytics services focused on the creation of useful, meaningful digital experiences for end customers.

With a workforce of creative experts, Factor has established itself as a reputable provider of inventive solutions within the domain of CRM email campaigns, website design, and conventional creative and brand identity services catering to technology enterprises. The agency’s artistic expertise has significantly propelled business innovation and achieved remarkable client results throughout the last decade.

“I am confident that the combination of Virtusa’s Engineering First approach and Factor’s creative expertise will uniquely position us as the partner of choice for our client’s end to end digital transformation initiatives,” said Santosh Thomas, Chief Executive Officer at Virtusa.

The synergy between Virtusa and Factor promises to redefine digital innovation. Rooted in Virtusa’s Engineering First approach, this partnership accelerates capabilities and sets the stage for collaborative transformation. Clients are offered seamless pathways to visionary solutions, where expertise converges with strategy, shaping the future of digital transformation.

“Embracing this milestone, Factor and Virtusa’s collaboration signifies a convergence of creativity and technology,” noted Kareem Fahmi, CEO and Founding Partner at Factor. “This alignment promises an exciting journey that amplifies our solutions’ reach and empowers clients in navigating the dynamic digital landscape. Together, we’re committed to redefining possibilities and achieving exceptional outcomes for transformative business growth.”

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