DiscoverOrg sees multiple developments in terms of career succession

DiscoverOrg, the leading provider of B2B intelligence, announced changes bolstering its senior leadership team. Katie Bullard was promoted from Chief Growth Officer to President, Chris Hays was promoted from VP of Operations to Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Cameron Hyzer was hired as the company’s next Chief Financial Officer (CFO.)

“In our next chapter of expansion, Katie, Chris, and Cameron will play critical roles in leading the future of DiscoverOrg,” said Henry Schuck, DiscoverOrg co-founder and CEO. “Each one has an exceptional track record of accelerating the growth of leading B2B tech companies, and I couldn’t be more excited about the value they bring to our business.”

Katie Bullard, President
In her expanded role as President, Ms. Bullard will lead the company’s product, engineering, marketing, customer experience, and IT teams.

“Over the last 2 years at DiscoverOrg, Katie has done an incredible job leading and scaling an award-winning marketing team, establishing a true product management team and making it best in class, and most recently building a customer experience team and a framework for success around it,” Schuck said. “She has been an incredible asset to both me and the entire organization, and as President, I am confident in her ability to further our goals.”

Ms. Bullard has 15 years of experience in high-growth, PE-backed and public technology and data businesses; she has a proven history of building high-performing teams, implementing transformative growth strategies, and driving a laser-focus on operational outcomes. Before joining DiscoverOrg in 2016, she held senior leadership roles at D&B Hoover’s, Accruent, and Mitratech. She holds an B.A. and M.A. from the University of Virginia, where she graduated with high honors.

“I am passionate about our mission at DiscoverOrg to provide sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals with the best data and insights available anywhere,” said Bullard. “Our goals are clear, and I look forward to delivering even more to our customers and the business in my new role.”

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Chris Hays, Chief Operations Officer
In his expanded role as COO, Mr. Hays will be responsible for operational excellence across the business.

“Chris has been instrumental in architecting our sales and customer success operations to allow us to scale from 1,500 customers to almost 5,000 customers,” said Schuck. “He is a critical part of our success, and I’m excited for his opportunity to add a high-degree of efficiency to our operational execution.”

Chris Hays is an established sales and operations leader with 20 years of B2B experience. He has held global sales, marketing, and operations roles at Lucent, and later at Avaya. From there, Hays founded Inside Sales Team, a sales enablement company that became one of the fastest-growing companies in upstate New York. He holds a B.A. from SUNY – Albany.

“I am delighted to be continuing my journey with such a talented group of people,” noted Hays.

Cameron Hyzer, Chief Financial Officer
In his role as CFO, Mr. Hyzer will be responsible for finance, strategy, and human resources. He joins the team after serving as CFO of Eze Software Group for the last 6 years.

“Cameron is a world-class financial and operational leader,” said Schuck. “The experience he has had scaling businesses to over $300m in revenue will be incredibly valuable to DiscoverOrg, and I couldn’t be more pleased to have him join our team.”

Mr. Hyzer brings over 20 years of experience enabling SaaS, software, and technology companies to scale and grow, improve operations, and execute fundraisings, exit events, and strategic acquisitions. In addition to Eze, Cameron served in senior leadership roles at other PE-backed and public companies including ConvergEx and Thomson Financial. He graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with concentrations in Finance and Strategic Management from the Wharton School and a concentration in Electrical Engineering from the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

“I’m very excited to join such a great team at DiscoverOrg and help to build on the success that they have achieved to date as leaders in the sales and marketing intelligence market,” noted Hyzer.

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About DiscoverOrg
Whatever your next stage of growth, DiscoverOrg will get you there faster. Growthbound organizations depend on DiscoverOrg’s deep B2B intelligence to drive their sales, marketing and recruiting activities. Our award-winning solutions provide a stream of accurate and actionable company and contact insights that can be used to find, connect with and sell to target buyers and hires more effectively – all integrated into the leading CRM, Sales Engagement and Marketing Automation Tools on the market. DiscoverOrg’s biggest differentiator is the combination of proprietary technology, tools and integrations with a layer of human-verification that allows us to deliver the highest guaranteed accuracy of any B2B provider in the market.

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Natural Intelligence Expands in U.S. with Proven Proprietary Search Techniques That Convert High-Intent Users

Natural Intelligence Expands in U.S. with Proven Proprietary Search Techniques That Convert High-Intent Users

Natural Intelligence, a global leader in intent marketing that operates comparison websites, today announced its expansion into the United States with the opening of its Atlanta office. Founded in 2009 in Tel Aviv, more than 90 percent of the company’s customers in financial services are in the U.S. Leading brands including LendingTree, Shopkeep, and Lightstream use Natural Intelligence to tap into a growing pool of high-intent shoppers who haven’t demonstrated brand preference.

The company also announced the results of a new study about consumer behavior in online mortgage shopping. The report, “Online Mortgage Trends: How Mortgage Professionals Can Acquire Untapped Leads” is primarily based on data from Natural Intelligence’s proprietary data and search techniques.

Key findings from the study reveal that when it comes to searching online for mortgages, consumers have less allegiance to specific brands. Searches for non-branded keywords such as “best mortgage rates” have increased more than 200 percent while branded searches that include the name of a specific mortgage lender decreased by more than 60 percent.

As a result of this shift, the average cost of non-branded mortgage terms is now seven times higher than branded mortgage terms. Non-branded mortgage keywords are the third most expensive category in cost-per-click search engine marketing. Meanwhile, third-party reviews, recommendations, and comparison sites are the predominant path for high-intent borrowers looking for the best available mortgages.

With almost 50 percent of homebuyers now searching for and securing mortgages online, the entire process has become increasingly more digital. Driven by millennials, nearly all mortgage-related activities are now completed online – from searching for lenders and acquiring a mortgage to opting into recurring electronics payments.

“Consumers searching for mortgages are moving in lockstep with how they search for other products online,” said Brandon Schnitzer, finance industry general manager, Natural Intelligence. “Today’s consumers know what they want, search for it, and compare details and ratings of from multiple providers. They very rarely start by going directly to a website of a specific provider. To better compete, mortgage lenders have to adapt to this changing consumer behavior.”

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To download a copy of the study, please go to http://mlp.naturalint.com/Trends-Mortgage-Online-LP_Ebook

About Natural Intelligence
Natural Intelligence is a global leader in intent marketing, operating comparison websites that drive high-value customer acquisition for leading brands.

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Gartner Says CMOs Remain Confident Amid Leveled Off Budgets and Uncertain Times

Gartner Says CMOs Remain Confident Amid Leveled Off Budgets and Uncertain Times

Marketing budgets have remained steady for 2018 (11.2 percent of company revenue), but 63 percent of chief marketing officers (CMOs) expect their budgets to increase in 2019, according to the latest CMO Spend Survey by Gartner, Inc. The report reveals CMOs are growing ever more confident in their investments in marketing technology, innovation and personalization.

In July and August of this year, Gartner surveyed 621 marketing executives to understand their budget and spending commitments in North America and the U.K. The survey findings are consistent with the 2018 Gartner CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey that found that 57 percent of CEOs expect to increase investment in marketing, as more companies look to become customer-centered.

However, this confidence could be misplaced, as pressure to demonstrate business value rises and economic uncertainty mounts. CMOs are still on the line to meet expectations for ROI in order to secure those future budgetary commitments — meaning they must clearly link marketing investments with business return.

“The internal organizational environment is looking very favorable for CMOs right now,” said Ewan McIntyre, senior research director at Gartner. “However, the growing macro environmental challenges — emerging markets, trade disputes and tariffs, Brexit and rumors of an impending U.S. economic downturn — mean that CMOs must expect the best, but plan for the worst as they prepare budgets and programs for the year ahead.”

Martech Investments Continue to Rise

Marketing technology (martech) investments have steadily grown in recent years and show no signs of slowing down. In 2018, martech accounted for 29 percent of the total marketing budget, up from 22 percent in 2017. This makes martech the single largest area of investment for marketing resources and programs across the board.

Meanwhile, labor budgets took a dip from 28 percent of overall marketing budgets in 2017 to 24 percent in 2018. “While many may be quick to relate this to the start of automation reducing human capital requirements, our analysis suggests this shift in marketing spend is a result of organizations dealing with capabilities, resources and talent in increasingly complex ways,” added Mr. McIntyre.

Gartner’s 2018 Marketing Technology Survey reports that marketing leaders use, on average, 61 percent of their martech stack’s capabilities. This emphasizes the need for an adaptable marketing technology roadmap, to clearly define use cases and remain cognizant to the challenges of integrating solutions, people, processes, data and culture in the marketing organization.

Marketing Innovation: Highly Valued, Heavily Backed and Still Lacking

One in every six marketing dollars is now spent on innovation-related initiatives, and 63 percent of CMOs expect their innovation-related budget to increase in 2019.

However, meaningful innovation requires a collaborative culture, structure and committed investments. Gartner research shows that despite the enthusiasm for innovation, marketing’s innovation capabilities are not up to par. In fact, Gartner’s 2018 Marketing Maturity Assessment reveals that while marketing leaders scored themselves an average of 2.3 out of 5 for marketing maturity in innovation, many wish to achieve a 4.3 maturity rating.

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Personalization Prevails, But Proceed With Caution

Investments in personalization now make up more than 14 percent of CMO marketing budgets. Gartner’s 2018 State of Personalization Survey reports that more than half of CMOs have increased their personalization investment since 2017 as they have committed to delivering relevant messages to customers at scale. This requires in-depth knowledge of the customer journey as well as relevant, actionable content, and the technology and platforms to deliver, measure and optimize experiences.

While customers have grown cautious of how brands collect, store and use personal data, marketing leaders should proceed with caution when pursuing personalization efforts to help appease both consumers and regulators.

Marketing Measurement Remains a Struggle

Despite the positive outlook for the year to come, CMOs still struggle to prove the value of marketing to the enterprise. “We see some leading CMOs that have developed a shared understanding of the metrics that demonstrate the value marketing delivers to the overall organization,” noted Mr. McIntyre. “However, old habits die hard, and most CMOs still gravitate toward metrics that have less meaning outside of the marketing team.”

Gartner research reveals that 12 percent of CMOs report that brand awareness is the most important metric they measure — compared with 7 percent for ROI and only 1 percent for customer lifetime value. While ROI is still difficult to measure accurately for many, CMOs must not underplay its strategic importance. Today, brands must commit to delivering robust customer experiences, as well as growth and value to the business, and therefore must elevate the specific metrics that track these efforts.

Additional details from this year’s CMO Spend Survey and insights on marketing teams’ top investment priorities are available to Gartner for Marketers clients in the upcoming webinar, The CMO Spend Survey 2018-2019, on November 15, 2018 — and in the report “CMO Spend Survey 2018-2019: Marketers Proceed Into Uncharted Waters With Confidence.”

About Gartner for Marketers

Gartner for Marketers provides the objective, expert advice and proven tools CMOs and other marketing leaders need to seize the right opportunities with clarity and confidence, and stay ahead of the trends that matter. With in-depth research and analysis, Gartner for Marketers helps you focus on the opportunities with the greatest potential to deliver results. More information on Gartner for Marketers is available online at www.Gartner.com/marketing/.

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About Gartner

Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT), is the world’s leading research and advisory company and a member of the S&P 500. We equip business leaders with indispensable insights, advice and tools to achieve their mission-critical priorities today and build the successful organizations of tomorrow.

Our unmatched combination of expert-led, practitioner-sourced and data-driven research steers clients toward the right decisions on the issues that matter most. We are a trusted advisor and objective resource for more than 15,000 organizations in more than 100 countries — across all major functions, in every industry and enterprise size.

To learn more about how we help decision makers fuel the future of business, visit gartner.com.


Kelly Blum, 571-303-5745

Resource Url:- https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20181108005094/en/Gartner-CMOs-Remain-Confident-Leveled-Budgets-Uncertain#.W-SpPurPwVM.linkedin

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InsightSquared's Marketing Analytics Helps Erase the Lines Between Marketing and Sales

InsightSquared’s Marketing Analytics Helps Erase the Lines Between Marketing and Sales

InsightSquared, the leading provider of revenue intelligence solutions, today announced that Marketing Analytics, the company’s all-in-one suite of marketing performance dashboards, is now generally available. Originally launched in private beta at InsightSquared’s annual Ramp Conference, Market Analytics is now available to any marketing teams looking for a complete solution that enables them to make data-driven decisions around marketing-sales handoff, attribution, and future spend. Since the beta launch in August, InsightSquared is seeing traction with its initial beta customers who have expressed the benefits and the value Marketing Analytics is bringing to their organizations.

“With no unified platform to examine the specifics of the hand-off process, sales and marketing leaders often spend hours arguing over lead follow-up,” said Matisha Ladiwala, General Manager and VP of Product at InsightSquared. “Existing marketing analytics tools are of little help in bridging the gap between sales and marketing and aligning goals. InsightSquared’s Marketing Analytics solution offers a common language, enabling marketing and sales leaders to better understand the connection between these two important revenue generating parts of the business, and to develop joint strategies to create and convert more leads, optimize programs, and maximize spend.”

InsightSquared’s Marketing Analytics solution provides a full-funnel picture of the revenue generating lifecycle. By arming marketing leaders with these insights, they can determine which activities to invest in, justify spend, and prove marketing’s contribution to the business. The end result is more credibility and collaboration with sales and within the business as a whole.

“There are vendors in the space that are successful at demand management or marketing attribution on their own. However, by answering questions around marketing-sales handoff, program ROI and future spend, InsightSquared’s Marketing Analytics enables marketing teams to answer the right questions, all in one place. It’s the modern marketer’s one-stop-shop for data-driven decision making,” said Brian Hansford, Vice President, Marketing Performance at Heinz Marketing.

Marketing Analytics beta customers have noticed a number of critical benefits in using the all-in-one platform, including improved relationships between sales and marketing teams, with the conversation shifting from data accuracy to creating actions together that improve performance and generate more revenue.

“Managing the marketing-to-sales handoff process has always been a hurdle for marketers,” said Saul Garcia, Sales & Marketing Operations Manager at Aventri. “With InsightSquared’s Marketing Analytics, we now have visibility into demand generated by marketing, how it progresses through the funnel, and the conversion rates. Marketing can ensure the leads they worked so hard to generate are followed up on, and sales can work the right leads to close more business. In the end, both teams bring in more revenue for the business.”

For more information on InsightSquared’s Marketing Analytics, please visit:


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About InsightSquared
InsightSquared helps revenue operations professionals make better decisions by equipping them with actionable, real-time intelligence on sales and marketing KPIs. Businesses rely on the company’s solutions to forecast more accurately, better manage pipeline, tailor rep coaching based on individual performance, understand their marketing attribution, and conduct data-backed planning and analysis. For more information, visit www.insightsquared.com.

SOURCE InsightSquared
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Acorn International Introduces New Corporate Logo and Website

Acorn International Introduces New Corporate Logo and Website

Acorn International, Inc. (NYSE: ATV) (“Acorn” or the “Company”) today announced that it has introduced a new corporate logo and launched a new website at www.acorninternationalir.com. The updated logo reflects Acorn’s new digital media focus. The new website features a modern design, rich content in both English and Chinese, and easy access to information to create greater transparency for visitors to understand the Company’s current business model, which has shifted away from old-line TV media, and towards digital media and streaming content, while maintaining a focus on growing its e-commerce business.

“Acorn has spent much of the last two years shifting our business away from older, unprofitable businesses and focusing on growth areas like e-commerce,” said Mr. Jacob A. Fisch, CEO and President of Acorn. “Our new corporate logo and website better reflect our business today and where we plan to take it in the future. Our customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders can now gain insight into new businesses like Acorn Entertainment, a social media marketing business for celebrities and brands to increase their awareness in China, Acorn Streaming, which showcases live streaming and pre-recorded video content, and Acorn Products, where we sell our branded products, largely through e-commerce, in China. We will be updating the website regularly with the latest corporate developments as we continue to execute our business plan.”


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About Acorn International, Inc.

Acorn International is a leading marketing and branding company in China, leveraging a twenty-year direct marketing history to monetize brand IP, content creation and distribution, and product sales, through digital media in China. Previously the leading TV infomercial company in China, Acorn today has three divisions support its growth: 1) Product Division, 2) Content Division, and 3) Influencer Management Division.

In the Product Division, Acorn sells product primarily through e-commerce channels in China, as well as through offline distribution and outbound marketing. In the Content Division, Acorn monetizes content. Specifically, in the Content Division, Acorn has redirected its direct marketing know-how to digital media in China, launching Acorn Streaming, which is primarily focused on live streaming and pre-recorded video content creation and distribution. In the Influencer Management Division, Acorn brings, through the creation of digital social content, the best U.S. celebrity talent and brands to China, representing their in-country digital presence. For more information visit www.acorninternationalir.com.


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This news release contains forward-looking statements. These statements constitute “forward-looking” statements within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and as defined in the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements can be identified by terminology such as “anticipates,” “believes,” “estimates,” “expects,” “future,” “going forward,” “intends,” “outlook,” “plans,” “target,” “will,” “potential,” and similar statements. Such statements are based on management’s current expectations and current market and operating conditions, and relate to events that involve known or unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors, all of which are difficult to predict and many of which are beyond the Company’s control, which may cause the Company’s actual results, performance, or achievements to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements. Further information regarding these and other risks, uncertainties, or factors is included in the Company’s filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The Company does not undertake any obligation to update any forward-looking statement as a result of new information, future events, or otherwise, except as required by law.

SOURCE Acorn International, Inc.

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ZS's Jessica Jarvis Named to "Women Leaders in Consulting" List

ZS’s Jessica Jarvis Named to “Women Leaders in Consulting” List

ZS Principal Jessica Jarvis was named to Consulting magazine’s “2018 Women Leaders in Consulting” list. Her strong reputation for building meaningful relationships and delivering world-class client service earned her recognition in the award’s Excellence in Client Service category.

“I’m thrilled by this honor,” said Jessica. “This is a moment to celebrate with my ZS team and clients and to reflect on what we’ve been able to accomplish together over the years.”

Based in Los Angeles, Jessica is a 17-year ZS veteran who oversees a global team of 150 people supporting one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies.

Clients view Jessica as an extension of their team – as a partner and trusted advisor. She’s known for working transparently and collaboratively, adapting to circumstances in real-time and for her “hands on” working style. Her innovative, holistic approach to problem-solving pushes clients beyond standard practices to drive positive patient outcomes, and she’s known for bringing the best of ZS to her clients by assembling teams with diverse skillsets and enlisting the help of fellow experts.

“Beyond her many accomplishments, Jessica exudes a number of relatable human qualities that distinguish her as a leader in consulting,” said Adam Siskind, a regional managing principal at ZS. “Her drive inspires our clients to make bold moves and keep an eye on the future.”

In addition to helping clients solve their most complex business issues, Jessica serves as a member of ZS’s Client Service Council—a team of four leaders who advise the firm on client management and relationship development. In just two years as council member, she’s had a tremendous impact on ZS’s clients and the firm.

Jessica attributes her success as a woman leader in consulting, in part, to ZS’s supportive culture, which is often described as a caring meritocracy that encourages entrepreneurial thinking.

About ZS
ZS is the world’s largest firm focused exclusively on helping companies improve overall performance and grow revenue and market share through end-to-end sales and marketing solutions—from customer insights and strategy, to analytics, operations and technology. More than 6,000 ZS professionals in 22 offices worldwide draw on deep industry and domain expertise to deliver impact for clients across multiple industries. To learn more, visit www.zs.com or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Elizabeth Summers,

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Cognizant Interactive Debuts as No. 4 Among Econsultancy's Top Digital Agencies in United Kingdom for 2018

Cognizant Interactive Debuts as No. 4 Among Econsultancy’s Top Digital Agencies in United Kingdom for 2018

Cognizant (Nasdaq: CTSH) today announced its Cognizant Interactive practice has been named one of the leading digital agencies in the United Kingdom, according to Econsultancy’s Top 100 Digital Agencies 2018 report.  Featured for the first time, Cognizant Interactive is ranked No. 4 by the U.K.-based independent research, training and consulting firm.

The annual Top 100 report provides an overview of capabilities and a ranking, by fee income, of the U.K.’s largest digital marketing, design and build, technical and creative agencies.

London-based Zone, a full-service digital agency acquired by Cognizant in 2017, was included as part of the Cognizant Interactive submission this year.  Zone ranked No. 24 in the 2017 report.

Cognizant Interactive is at the forefront of bringing a human-centred approach to end-to-end experience transformation, helping clients compete in the digital era and drive growth. Cognizant solutions encompass a wide breadth of capabilities from artificial intelligence and human insight-driven design to digital product development, mobility, marketing process services, content management and marketing analytics. U.K.-based Cognizant Interactive clients include The English Football Association.

“Cognizant Interactive’s strong debut in Econsultancy’s agency rankings highlights the power of our portfolio and continued expansion this past year in the digital agency space,” said Sanjiv Gossain, Senior Vice President, Head of Cognizant Digital Business Europe.  “This ranking underscores our scale and capability. We have grown our digital experience, marketing, social and content capabilities for clients in the U.K. and continental Europe over the last few years, both organically and through the recent acquisitions of Zone and Netcentric, both highly-regarded digital agencies.”

Gossain continued, “Consumer-facing, or B2C, companies are under pressure like never before to deliver engaging, compelling, innovative experiences. They depend upon Cognizant to provide comprehensive strategic, creative, technology and analytics expertise and human-centred solutions to gain a competitive edge. We’re pleased to be named among Econsultancy’s leading U.K. agencies, and recognized for the scope of capabilities, innovation and ultimately the value we are delivering to clients.”

Econsultancy’s Top 100 Digital Agencies report is the definitive annual listing of the U.K.’s largest digital marketing, design and build, technical and creative agencies. Agencies are ranked on their fee income from digital activities in the U.K. The subscription-based report features in-depth analysis and commentary on the state of the industry, along with information on each agency featured to help client-side professionals choose the right partner to help achieve their business goals.

About Cognizant
Cognizant (Nasdaq-100: CTSH) is one of the world’s leading professional services companies, transforming clients’ business, operating and technology models for the digital era. Our unique industry-based, consultative approach helps clients envision, build and run more innovative and efficient businesses. Headquartered in the U.S., Cognizant is ranked 195 on the Fortune 500 and is consistently listed among the most admired companies in the world. Learn how Cognizant helps clients lead with digital at http://www.cognizant.com or follow us @Cognizant

SOURCE Cognizant
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Numerify Closes $27.5M Funding Round Led By DAG Ventures

Numerify Closes $27.5M Funding Round Led By DAG Ventures

Numerify, a provider of AI-powered IT Business Analytics, today announced it closed a $27.5 million funding round led by DAG Ventures, with support from existing investors including Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, and Tenaya Capital. As part of the financing, DAG Managing Partner Nick Pianim has joined Numerify’s board of directors.

The funding will help the company grow its enterprise customer footprint and accelerate the introduction of new analytic solutions that embed artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

The funding follows a year of strong growth for Numerify in which it more than doubled its software subscription bookings and expanded its enterprise customer list to include top 5 companies in 11 different verticals. The Numerify platform has also continued to expand its technical lead in the market with 20 issued and pending patents. These patents have been instrumental in delivering new solutions that span IT Plan, Build, and Run processes, such as the recently-launched, AI-powered Change Success solution. Additionally, customer satisfaction continued to hit new heights with strong expansion in both adoption and usage.

“We have a successful track record of investments in pioneering software companies scaling their market presence,” said Nick Pianim, Managing Director of DAG Ventures. “Numerify’s broad adoption in several of its blue-chip customers demonstrates the Numerify IT Business Analytics solution as being essential to any enterprise with a digital transformation initiative looking to ensure their IT investments are being deployed in the most operationally-effective manner possible. Numerify’s AI-powered technology and strong solution focus have given it a leading position in the market, and I look forward to working with the Numerify team to drive further rapid growth.”

The 2018 Gartner CIO Survey indicates that 54% of CIOs have a digital transformation-related initiative in place. Forward-thinking IT organizations are focusing on innovation, improving operational efficiencies, and leveraging IT business analytics to uncover opportunities for value creation. As data volumes increase and business users seek deeper insights, use of machine learning automation through the data and analytics workflow is emerging as a key requirement. These trends are expected to drive significant investments in big data and analytics, with IDC forecasting worldwide spend to reach $260B by 2022.

“Our recent market research shows that business analytics has become imperative for IT organizations as they seek to improve business alignment, adopt agile principles, and accelerate innovation,” said Howard Dresner, Chief Research Officer of Dresner Advisory Services. The industry veteran, who coined the term “Business Intelligence” continues, “Deeper analysis of IT people, process, and project data is central to driving change and achieving these goals, and we’re seeing IT leaders rapidly increase adoption of the analytics practices that have been common to the rest of the business for years. My conversations with organizations confirm that IT leaders need a business analytics lens that allows them to run IT like a business.”

“Numerify has emerged as a leader in the IT Business Analytics space by delivering a complete solution suite that our customers can use to run a high-performance IT organization,” said Gaurav Rewari, co-founder and CEO of Numerify. “Our vision is that through a full fleet of targeted and interconnected applications spanning all of IT’s plan, build, and run activities and the key source systems that underpin them, Numerify will deliver to data-driven IT leaders the same powerful and transformational business analytics that their peers in sales, marketing, and finance enjoy. This round of funding will help us achieve that vision.”

To Learn More about Numerify:

About DAG Ventures
DAG Ventures leads mid-stage and growth financing rounds into promising portfolio companies of select, proven early-stage VC partnerships. Aside from our highly focused investment model, we believe in differentiation through service. Our firm is built to deliver consistent, expeditious and superior service to our most important constituencies: our LPs, portfolio companies and select early-stage VC partnerships.

DAG Ventures was spun-off in 2004 from Duff Ackerman & Goodrich, a private equity investment firm focused on investments in the communications and media industries. Today, with support from a diverse, global set of LPs, DAG Ventures manages $1.8 billion across a portfolio of over 160 companies in a wide array of technology sectors.

About Numerify
Numerify provides AI-powered analytics for the business of IT, spanning people, process, and project data. Our System of Intelligence™ helps IT leaders improve application health, slash service costs and optimize resource usage. Global 2000 organizations, including companies ranked in the top 5 across 11 major industries, rely on Numerify’s IT business analytics applications. Founded by industry veterans from Oracle, Microstrategy, and Hyperion, Numerify has received venture funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, Tenaya Capital, DAG Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank and Four Rivers Group. For more information, visit www.numerify.com or follow @numerify.

Numerify Marketing

SOURCE Numerify

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SOURCE URL: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/numerify-closes-27-5m-funding-round-led-by-dag-ventures-300731699.html

AppsFlyer Surpasses $100 Million in Annual Recurring Revenue

AppsFlyer Surpasses $100 Million in Annual Recurring Revenue

AppsFlyer, the global leader in mobile attribution and marketing analytics, announced today that it surpassed $100 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) in the third quarter of 2018, growing at 100% every 12 months. Driving the company’s revenue growth are the 85,000 apps whose marketers use AppsFlyer’s products and services, propelling the company to over 70% market share worldwide.

“As a customer-obsessed company, our mission is to empower clients to achieve their goals by building best-in-class technology and products,” said Oren Kaniel, CEO and co-founder of AppsFlyer. “We are excited to offer a product that is the primary working tool for mobile marketers. As more businesses continue recognizing that an attribution platform is a mission-critical tool, I’m humbled that more top brands, agencies and developers than ever trust AppsFlyer to help them make better marketing decisions, protect their ad spend from fraud, and fuel their own data-driven marketing innovations.”

The company’s revenue figures follow a string of recent plaudits for the company and considerable growth across key benchmarks. In the past year, AppsFlyer has continued to form partnerships with many prominent brands, including eBay, NBCUniversal, Adidas, Hyundai, and Coca-Cola. AppsFlyer’s technology is now found on nearly 7 billion mobile devices, up from 4.5 billion devices at the same time last year. During Q3 2018, AppsFlyer’s media spend measured increased to $17 billion annually, an 89 percent jump from $9 billion last year. At the same time, AppsFlyer’s continued innovation of anti-fraud solutions resulted in significantly higher savings for marketing departments using AppsFlyer’s technology – blocking an estimated $6.5 million a day of ad fraud.

“Thanks to our extensive investment in the AppsFlyer product and service, I’m proud that 70% of the market selected AppsFlyer,” said Kaniel. “We like to believe that our superior reliability, pace of innovation, service — and the AppsFlyer experience as a whole played a major role in the selection process. There are no shortcuts here. Hard work leads to consistent results, which manifests in achieving this milestone. Measurement is a crucial component of any budgetary decision, and companies are taking the time to select the best product that suits their needs. Inaccurate data and fraud cause companies to face serious challenges with their media spend — costing them millions of dollars without necessarily being aware of the damage it’s causing until it’s too late. Our scale and market share allow us to provide unique offerings — such as unparalleled attribution accuracy and fraud prevention — by leveraging the trillion-plus mobile events we measure every month.”

Goldman Sachs identified Kaniel as one of the “100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs” of 2018, and AppsFlyer was named the Hottest Marketing Technology Startup of 2018 at the Europas. The number of employees at the company has doubled from 230 last year to 465, in 15 offices around the world.

About AppsFlyer:
AppsFlyer’s technology is found on 98 percent of the world’s smartphones, making it the global leader in mobile attribution and marketing analytics. Data-driven marketers rely on AppsFlyer for independent measurement solutions and innovative tools to grow and protect their mobile business. AppsFlyer’s platform processes billions of mobile actions every day, empowering app marketers and developers to maximize the return on their marketing investments. AppsFlyer’s NativeTrack Attribution, Marketing Analytics Data, OneLink’s Deep linking capabilities and the Active Fraud Suite featuring DeviceRank have made AppsFlyer’s platform the go-to resource for the most successful mobile apps in the world. With Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Snap Inc., Tencent and 4,000+ other integrated partners, and clients including HBO, Playtika, Waze, Alibaba, Kayak, Activision and 12,000+ leading brands worldwide, AppsFlyer has 15 global offices to support marketers everywhere. To learn more, visit www.appsflyer.com.

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55ip Releases Market Risk Indicator (MRI) Score for October

55ip Releases Market Risk Indicator (MRI) Score for October

 55ip, an investment strategy engine that enables advisors to customize and automate intelligent portfolio strategies using industry-leading investment science, today released its Q3 2018 commentary and October forecast on the Market Risk Indicator (MRI) score. The MRI score is a proprietary metric that seeks to assess the likelihood of extreme market conditions and help investors protect their portfolios from significant losses. This score can range from 0 – 100, with 0 being the lowest possible risk assessment.

The MRI score aggregates indicators across 4 categories:

  • Valuation (e.g. price to book ratio)
  • Macroeconomic conditions (e.g. manufacturing sentiment index)
  • Financing indicators (e.g. trend indicators)
  • Statistical measures of return distributions (e.g. multi-asset market volatility)

Together, these categories provide a full picture of the market risk level within a given month, which can be used to determine how much of a client’s portfolio should be allocated to cash or an equivalent shelter basket to hedge against risk.

55ip MRI:  Q3 2018 – Overview

Averaging the scores from July, August, and September, the Q3 MRI score is 30. This is lower than the Q2 2018 average which was 36 due to elevated April and May scores. In Q3, only the August 2018 MRI score (45) was notably higher than July (24) and September (20) with trend indicators in August showing rich valuations and high perceived risk as identified by statistical measures of return distributions and option markets activity.

55ip MRI:  October 2018 – Looking Ahead

The October 2018 MRI score is at 20, reflecting conditions that are relatively stable and unchanged from September. Financing risk and statistical measures of return distribution that measure uncertainty which were fluctuating in August, have since stabilized. Overall, 55ip’s analysis indicates rich valuations being offset by strong and stable fundamentals across macro indicators, such as employment and inflation.

“The investing pundits are all trying to guess when the current, record-setting bull market may end,” said Leonid Kogan, 55ip’s chief investment scientist. “While forecasting performance is not possible, intelligent forecasting of estimated risk and incorporating that into dynamic portfolio management can help smooth the ride and lessen anxiety for investors, especially those nearing retirement who can’t necessarily absorb and recover from an extreme downturn.”

For the full Market Risk Indicator monthly update report, visit www.55-ip.com. For more information or to speak with a 55ip spokesperson, contact 55ip@ficommpartners.com.

About 55ip
Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Boston55ip is an investment strategy engine that provides partner firms (financial advisors and wealth managers) the capabilities to build intelligent, custom models for their clients on white labeled software. 55ip’s proprietary investment science addresses the three most common frictions that get in the way of client outcomes – taxes, high fees, extreme losses – while automating the entire investment management process so advisors can focus on growing and scaling their practices.

All advisory services provided by 55I, LLC, a SEC-registered investment advisor. More information is available at https://www.55-ip.com.

55ip is the marketing name used by 55 Institutional Partners, LLC, an investment technology developer, and for investment advisory services provided by 55I, LLC, an SEC-registered investment adviser. Registration does not imply any certain level of skill of training. These materials are intended for Registered Investment Advisors only and describe a risk management strategy that may not work as intended, in part because the strategy is not modified more frequently than monthly. As a result, the strategy cannot be counted on to provide protection to client portfolios. Even when using the strategy, portfolios remain subject to multiple risks, including the risk of loss of the entire amount invested. 55ip has been calculating the MRI monthly and applying it to managed assets since April 2016. 55ip has calculated a hypothetical monthly MRI back to April 2004 using varying inputs and blends of indicator categories.

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