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Minute Media
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Minute Media Integrates with Amazon Publisher Services TAM

Minute Media, a leading global technology and content company, today announced that its supply-side platform (SSP) is now integrated with … 0
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MobileFuse released the latest version of Fusion Video

MobileFuse, one of the largest in-app mobile, CTV, and DOOH advertising platforms, today released the latest version of its exclusive … 0
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Cloudinary releases several new advanced video capabilities

Cloudinary, ​​the image and video platform that powers many of the world’s top brands, today announced the release of several … 0
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MENA region will more than double to reach $2.3bn in 2027: Omdia

The online video advertising market in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region will more than double to reach $2.3bn in 2027 according to the … 0
Integral Ad Science
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IAS receives accreditation for CTV video viewable impressions

Integral Ad Science (Nasdaq: IAS), a global leader in digital media quality, today announced it has received the industry’s first accreditation … 0