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Real-Time CDP
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Legal Considerations For Leveraging Real-Time CDPs In Customer Analytics

In the current digital age, where data reigns supreme, businesses are continuously exploring innovative tools and methodologies to understand their …
2024 Retail Predictions
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Ian Jindal’s 2024 Retail Predictions

Rather like the beautiful Alpine slopes, the retail landscape is white, pristine and featureless. There’s too much choice, too little …
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Black Friday – the end of the Gold Rush?

The Californian Gold Rush. A huge number of prospectors racing to grab their share of what appeared to be an …
Jacklyn Lavoie
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Authenticity: The Secret to Boosting Social Media Engagement in 2024

To be effective in 2024, Social Media Marketing requires an authentic approach that reveals the reality behind polished appearances and …
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A CDP for the Long Run

I’m on the plane flying back from the US where 49,000 runners lined up at the start of the Chicago …
Data Privacy
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Enhancing Customer Trust Through Data Privacy In Real-Time CDPs And Analytics

In the ever-evolving digital business landscape, where data drives decisions, and customer experiences are gold, businesses are increasingly turning to …
5 Types
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5 Types of Consumer Data to Strengthen Marketing Strategies

It can be tricky to navigate a constantly evolving marketing landscape. But, as new technologies emerge with claims to help …
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2024 Retail Landscape: Embracing Immersive Shopping Experiences for Tomorrow

Today’s consumers seek clarity in their purchasing decisions, a need often unmet in online shopping. Numerous e-commerce platforms still rely …
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Cross-Media Optimization Technology (XMO)

With technology and the digital marketing landscape constantly evolving, it’s critical that small businesses remain nimble and adaptive and look …
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Decoding Safari’s Latest Update: Implications for Click IDs and Their Role in Marketing Analytics – Is the End Nearing?

Explore the potential impact of Safari's Link Tracking Protection on digital marketing, uncovering the challenges it poses to campaign optimization and strategy development.
Role of Management
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Role of Management Account in Strategic Planning

What is the Role of Management Accounting in Strategic Planning? How do you make the best possible business decisions, when …