2023 Creator Marketing Brand Lift Benchmark Report: #paid

New creator marketing research by #paid measures creator impact on brand lift metrics and sets benchmarks for brands in the creator economy

Today, #paid, the leading creator marketplace, announces the 2023 Creator Marketing Brand Lift Benchmark Report. The comprehensive meta-analysis of creator campaigns surfaces valuable benchmarks and insights, and pinpoints factors that drive brand impact.

The analysis reveals effectiveness in driving brand lift with creator content. An average lift of 5 points in brand familiarity, 9 points in brand affinity, 6 points in brand consideration, and 7 points in purchase intent was observed across campaigns and verticals. The report delves into sector-specific effectiveness, as well, showing an outsized impact on the education sector, for example. The vertical experiences an impressive average brand lift of 26 points through strategic creator marketing efforts.

The report highlights the influential role of creators in driving consumer purchasing decisions, showing that consumers are 3.5 times more likely to purchase products they have seen in creator ads than traditional advertisements. In another study, creator content was found to be 2.11 times more credible and relatable than branded content.

Furthermore, the research underscores the significance of long-term partnerships in creator marketing. A substantial 71% of consumers express the belief that a creator’s long-term collaboration with a brand enhances the credibility of the content. Long-term brand partnerships not only boost content credibility but also increase consumer consideration by 7 points. It also revealed that brands adopting a multi-campaign approach to creator marketing see an average overall brand lift that is 6.25 points higher than brands launching a single campaign, reinforcing the effectiveness of a long-term creator marketing strategy.

“The industry has struggled to measure the effectiveness of creator marketing programs and truly understand the key factors that contribute to successful creator campaigns. The benchmark data uncovered in this meta-analysis will help marketers connect the why behind the results they’ve been seeing and enable them to gain a deeper understanding of how their marketing channels measure up against creator marketing benchmarks,” says Michelle Lam, Senior Analyst at #paid.

The goal is to equip marketers with the tools and knowledge needed to plan, execute, and optimize creator campaigns for maximum brand impact. As the creator marketing landscape continues to evolve, #paid remains at the forefront, providing data-driven insights to empower brands and creators alike.

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