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2024 Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence Market Study

Data Shows Cloud BI Current Use and Future Plans Near All-Time High

Dresner Advisory Services published the 2024 Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence Market Study, part of its Wisdom of Crowds® series of research. Cloud business intelligence is the technologies, tools, and solutions that employ one or more cloud deployment models.

Reliability, access and availability, scalability, and ease of use are perceived as the most important advantages of cloud. Cloud and software as a service rank 7th in importance of the 63 topics under study, near an all-time level of user importance. Over time, cloud/SaaS is a consistent top priority that overlaps with most topics on the list. Importance is strongest in the technology, healthcare, and financial services industries.

“We started tracking this market dynamic in 2012 when adoption was nascent and with few organizations willing to invest, and now have more than a decade of data on user sentiment and behaviors,” said Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory. “The flexibility and scalability offered by cloud BI solutions can be highly beneficial for businesses looking to adapt quickly to changing market conditions or to scale their operations without significant upfront investments in infrastructure.”

Half of the study respondents indicate 61 percent or more of all business intelligence (BI)/analytical solutions are cloud based. Data quality is the top cloud BI feature requirement, followed by data visualization, data governance, data preparation, and ad-hoc query.

Wisdom of Crowds® research is based on data collected on usage and deployment trends, products, and vendors. Users in all roles and throughout all industries contributed to provide a complete view of realities, plans, and perceptions of the market.

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