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2024 Healthcare Reputation Report


Reputation, the global leader in reputation performance management, announced its ranking of the Top 50 U.S. Acute Care Hospitals and Top 20 Hospital Locations in the 2024 Healthcare Reputation Report.

To determine these rankings, the report analyzes millions of pieces of reputation performance data from hundreds of different sources, also uncovering insights that highlight how leading U.S. Acute Care Hospitals are delivering on their individual brand promises in a marketplace where the consumer’s voice holds more sway than ever before.

The 2024 Healthcare Reputation Report found that healthcare marketers are navigating changes in a volatile industry where consumers don’t blindly trust brand promises or provider referrals when seeking care. The data analyzed also found that:

  • Consumers are turning to online feedback to crowdsource the truth. Over 86% of consumers read online patient reviews, and 73% of those consumers demand a minimum star rating of 4 stars to even consider engaging with a provider
  • Over the last five years, patient feedback volume has increased by 150% in the healthcare industry
  • Locations and providers that actively manage their online reputation see a 40% increase in actions taken on their online listings and an approximate 300-point increase to their Reputation Score annually
  • Patient engagement on a hospital’s online listing increases by 40% when organizations request reviews
  • On average, Acute Care Hospitals that request reviews have a star rating of nearly one star higher on their online listings versus those that do not request reviews
  • Sentiment is the equalizer. Not all health systems have the same resources, but regardless, sentiment is consistent across system sizes
  • Sentiment across U.S. regions differs. The Eastern half of the U.S. – with the exception of Florida – sees overall lower sentiment compared to the Western U.S.

“In an increasingly competitive landscape where consumers start with an online search, healthcare marketers must prioritize reviews, star ratings and accurate business listings so their organizations can build trust and stand out from others,” said Andrew Rainey, General Manager of Healthcare at Reputation. “Leading providers ranked in our 2024 Healthcare Reputation Report excel at managing their reputation performance by actively responding to online reviews, leveraging constructive feedback to make operational improvements and activating satisfied patients that may not leave a review unless asked. We are proud to have several of our customers recognized as leaders and congratulate all top-ranked health systems and hospitals on prioritizing consumer feedback to deliver on their brand promise.”

2024 U.S. Acute Care Hospital Rankings

Reputation analyzed the top 50 Acute Care Hospitals from Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) by revenue and ranked by Reputation Score, which analyzes nine elements including review sentiment, volume, recency, spread, length, and response.

Review response rate is what sets the top-ranked hospitals apart from their competition. The top 10% of hospitals consistently outshine the bottom 10% in review responsiveness. With an 89% response rate to negative reviews, the top performers demonstrate a clear commitment to addressing feedback and can leverage it for operational enhancements and service recovery. Conversely, the bottom 10% lag significantly behind, responding to negative reviews only 35% of the time.

Generating more reviews and analyzing insights helps identify strengths and areas of improvement for healthcare marketers. These insights help operational teams in pinpointing successes and opportunities for enhancement.

Reputation also took the top IDNs based on their net patient revenue and ranked them by Reputation Score, a proprietary measurement that leverages AI to distill vast amounts of consumer feedback data into one metric that measures and improves reputation performance.

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