360 View adds Mark Schiefelbein to their National Sales Team

360 View expands their national sales team with experienced banker and CRM expert Mark Schiefelbein, bringing industry knowledge and relationship know-how.
360 View

360 View, a respected provider of customer relationship management software designed specifically for banks and credit unions, announced today the addition of Mark Schiefelbein as National Sales Representative. With growth in mind, 360 View regards thoughtful expansion of their sales team as strategic, and the addition of Schiefelbein is an example of that approach. With almost 30 years of banking experience, half of that focused specifically on CRM, he comes with a tested and on-target skill set for 360 View clients. “Somebody like Mark doesn’t come around that often. And that’s just the truth. You don’t find someone with this kind of experience . . . not only did he have the banking experience, but he had the experience working with C-level executives. He brings all the things we would look for in somebody that will be successful here,” explains David Acevedo, newly named President of 360 View.

Schiefelbein comes to 360 View from Fiserv where he was selling and advising their clients on CRM selection since 2009. As occasional competitors, he had general knowledge of 360 View, and this exposure was something that piqued his interest. “Every time I ran into 360 . . . nobody had a bad word to say about the product, and everybody had glowing things to say about the company. I was looking for a company with a strong culture and a good leader. From the outside it checked all the boxes, and once I talked to David—it sounded too good to be true.” With 360 View’s recent release of their new user interface and dashboarding platform, interest in the company’s flagship product is up, making Schiefelbein’s addition to the sales team timely and welcome. Requests for software demos grew notably in the last six months, so the interest in 360 View is here. He continues, “I’m excited about getting in front of community bank leaders and talking about CRM. I don’t want to say, ‘selling them.’ I don’t believe in selling; I believe in advising. You’ve got to understand what you’re talking about. You’ve got to listen, learn, and then assist where you can.”

360 View offers a tech-savvy CRM platform that not only logs every customer touchpoint in real time, it channels those interactions into tools that help their clients offer dynamic personalized service. Delivering that kind of relationship-focused product and matching the product with relationship-focused client care takes practice and dedication. Acevedo says, “At the end of the day we’re looking for growth as a company. There’s no magic sauce here other than the fact that you’ve got somebody who has done it, who has proven that he has done it, who knows banking, and knows how to interact with all levels. I have no doubt that Mark is going to be a huge success here and we’re thrilled to have him on our team.”

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