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90% of Gen Z Want More Video From Brands

The data shows consumers want video communications more than ever, including innovative formats that are personalized, interactive, or AI-generated.

A new market study of 2,008 adults in the U.S. and U.K. reveals 83% of consumers want brands to use video more to communicate with them, but 64% rarely or never get video communications.

The State of Video Technology report released also shows rising interest in next generation video technology that includes personalization, interactivity and AI. Continuing the trend from the last two annual surveys, this preference for advanced video tech is strongest among younger and more affluent consumers. These cohorts also have a greater appetite for video content: 90% of Gen Zers want more video from brands as do 89% of high earners.

Data from the study indicates that brands need to use video, including advanced video technology, more often and more effectively to meet consumer expectations.

  • The video gap: 83% of people want more video, but most rarely or never get it. While brands appear to be increasing their video output (70% of consumers in 2023 said they rarely or never get video), the demand for video is growing as well (up from 81% last year).
  • Personalized video driving loyalty: Similar to previous years’ findings, personalized video is 4x more likely to make someone feel valued by a brand and 3.5x more likely to make them become or remain a customer.
  • Gen Z and high earners: Younger and high-earning consumers want next gen video the most. A staggering 93% of Gen Z are interested in interactive video, as are 87% of high earners (compared to 81% of all consumers). Both demographics are also over 5x more likely to want to receive a personalized video than a non-personalized video.
  • Hungry for AI innovation: 65% of consumers are interested in receiving AI videos from brands — this is even higher for Gen Z (76%) and high earners (77%). This response shows a surprisingly strong majority given how recently such technology has been made widely available.
  • Personalization in demand: 73% of consumers are willing to share data for personalization. For Gen Z, that’s 81%. And more consumers this year trust brands to keep their data secure: from 68% in 2023 to 74% in 2024.

“The findings echo a lot of what we’ve seen in our previous annual market studies,” said Yotam Ben Ami, Idomoo CMO. “People want more video than ever. But they also want brands to push the limits of video innovation, offering personalized, interactive and now even AI-driven video. The data suggests that doing this will help build brand loyalty and ultimately be reflected in the company’s bottom line. This holds even more true for brands marketing to Gen Z, who consistently reward video usage and innovation by brands.”

The study also reinforced a point from last year that the U.K. market lags somewhat behind the U.S. in adoption and interest in video: 87% of Americans want more video from brands while only 79% of U.K. consumers do. U.K. consumers are also 46% more likely to say they never or rarely receive video content from brands they do business with. However, they do want personalization: 71% expect brand comms to be personalized to them (vs. 67% in the U.S.).

For more findings, download the full State of Video Technology report. This market study was commissioned by Idomoo and conducted by Atomik Research in January 2024 with a statistically representative sample of the population.

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