Accelerator360™ strengthens SEO with AI-Powered Content Optimization


Skyword, the global leader in enterprise content marketing, announces a powerful new feature within its Accelerator360™ content marketing tool. While Accelerator360™ enables brands to create high-ranking SEO content at speed and scale, this update unlocks the hidden potential of existing website content through AI-powered optimization.

The dynamic SEO landscape demands content that prioritizes user intent, relevance, and technical best practices. Keeping pace with new content creation can be challenging, leaving valuable existing content unoptimized and underperforming in search results.

Accelerator360’s sophisticated AI now analyzes current website content, identifies underperforming pieces, and automatically suggests data-driven improvements to boost search rankings.

“In today’s dynamic search environment, a winning SEO strategy prioritizes both fresh content creation and the optimization of existing assets,” says Andrew Wheeler, Chief Executive Officer at Skyword. “With Accelerator360’s new AI-powered audit and optimization feature, brands can unlock the full potential of their existing content library, ensuring all web content resonates with search engines and target audiences alike.”

The new functionality seamlessly integrates with Accelerator360’s existing best-in-class features, empowering brands to:

  • Identify Underperforming Content: AI scans a brand’s website to pinpoint content that’s underperforming or losing ground in search rankings.
  • Automate SEO Optimization: Leveraging advanced AI, Accelerator360 automatically recommends data-driven improvements to existing content, ensuring it aligns with the latest search ranking factors and user intent.
  • Maintain Brand Consistency: The new functionality integrates seamlessly with Skyword’s established workflow, which includes expert editorial oversight. This ensures optimized content adheres to brand guidelines and delivers a consistent voice and message.

The AI-enabled audit and optimization capability is now available for use in Skyword’s Accelerator360™ tool.

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