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ActivEngage securely integrates with CDK Global ELEAD CRM

ActivEngage and CDK Global Elead deepen integration to push inbound chat lead data inside Elead CRM securely

ActivEngage is proud to be the first, and currently the only, automotive messaging and consumer engagement solution to securely integrate with CDK Global ELEAD CRM. Elead Lead Delivery API is now available through the CDK Global Fortellis Marketplace. This groundbreaking integrated development empowers automotive dealerships with the capability to seamlessly retrieve ActivEngage inbound chat and messaging data via secure data-protected API integration.

Moreover, this integration amplifies sales and marketing endeavors by giving more depth into customer profile insights and lead attribution. Data fields that have always been captured in the ActivEngage messaging platform, such as lead source attribution, can now be pushed into the Elead system. Immediately, Dealers gain new and enhanced visibility into customer profiles, enabling refined sales strategies not previously possible because of how ActivEngage meticulously captures and accurately correlates source and sub-source data from diverse communication channels, such as SMS Text, Facebook Messenger, and Web Chat.

“As technology evolves, so does our commitment to safeguarding data integrity and ensuring regulatory compliance,” said Michael Third, CTO of ActivEngage. “The introduction of the Elead Lead Delivery API marks a pivotal juncture for automotive dealerships, offering a robust and secure conduit for accessing critical messaging data, ultimately raising the bar for technical excellence and customer engagement standards.”

The Elead CRM Direct Post integration by ActivEngage signifies a noteworthy advancement for dealers utilizing CDK Global Elead CRM. The integration equips dealers with the means to efficiently monitor and oversee inbound messaging data within the CRM framework fortified by the highest data security protocols for sensitive customer information, thereby eradicating reliance on email-based transmission.

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