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ACV adds Chat to its Robust Options

Auto industry innovator scales on-demand communication capabilities to cater to its dealer partners’ communication preferences
ACV adds

ACV (Nasdaq: ACVA), a leading digital automotive marketplace and data services partner for dealers and commercial clients, announces its continued investment in technology to enhance the user experience and communication options for customers. In addition to enabling dealer partners to connect with ACV by phone through dedicated sales representatives, along with other traditional communications methods like email and text message, the company recently launched a new chat experience via the My ACV portal, expanding the on-demand support available to ACV customers. While the chat feature is geared toward simple transaction-related questions, dealer partners can use the function for any type of inquiry. Remaining committed to the best-in-class customer service that ACV offers as support on all its technology innovations, dealer partners can be confident there’s always a person on the other end of the chat.

ACV continues to improve the digital user experience for customers through ease-of-use and seamless transactions on its platform. By providing a variety of different means to get in touch with ACV, the company drives efficiency for customers with convenience at the forefront. Specifically, a buyer’s bottom line can be directly impacted by potential delays in titles or transportation of purchased vehicles. Regardless of the preferred method, dealers have access to on-demand customer service so they spend more time focusing on their businesses’ success.

“We are raising the bar for our customer service offerings and meeting customers where they are in terms of how they like to communicate—whether that be over the phone, email, text message or on-demand chats on ACV’s customer portal,” said George Chamoun, CEO of ACV. “Our dealer partners benefit from flexibility and optionality, and by introducing chat in our My ACV portal, customers have even more options to efficiently get in touch with our dedicated team. Our goal is to ensure customer questions are answered on time, every time.”

By adding a chat feature to the customer portal, ACV improves the user experience by providing instant access to customer success agents. The agents have access to the customer’s history with ACV, eliminating the need to restate transactions, purchase history, past customer service conversations and more. This instant access adds efficiency to the user experience by saving time and providing prompt solutions. It also ensures customers are able to get in touch with ACV at any time and enables ACV customer service agents to handle several inquiries at once, fostering a scalable solution for the company’s growing customer base.

The types of dealer needs resolved through chat tend to be quick-hit resolutions, including vehicle title issues (40%) and ACV Transportation status updates (24%). Of the discussions on titles, 73% have been questions regarding status updates, such as when a dealer can expect their title to be shipped or when ACV last called the seller about a missing title. Additionally, title clerks connecting with ACV with respect to multiple titles is an example of a highly efficient use case for chat conversations. Rather than saying a 16-digit vehicle identification number (VIN) over the phone, they can quickly copy and paste the VIN into the chat, which is faster and ensures accuracy.

The use of chat agents enhances the My ACV portal user experience by providing critical functionality to support a customer’s engagement with ACV, including instant assistance, personalized interactions, efficient problem-solving, interactivity, scalability and cost-effective support.

ACV’s chat agents will be monitored by trained customer service agents who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ACV customers interested in using this feature can find it when logged into the My ACV portal.

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