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Acxiom CIO Janet Cinfio named a Women in Tech Leader to Watch in 2024


Acxiom, a global leader in customer intelligence, proudly announced that Chief Information Officer (CIO) Janet Cinfio earned a spot on the Womentech Network’s “100 Women in Tech Leaders to Watch in 2024.” This prestigious honor is a testament to her inspiring career, impactful contributions to technology and leadership, and passionate advocacy for diversity and mentorship.

As CIO at Acxiom, Janet is the pivotal force guiding the company’s information technology (IT) strategy. She has been instrumental in advancing Acxiom’s technology capabilities, encompassing cutting-edge innovations in architecture, cloud platforms, enterprise applications, and cybersecurity. Before joining Acxiom, Janet held noteworthy roles at Electronic Arts, including Vice President of Digital Platform Infrastructure and Operations, and served as CIO for Esprit de Corp.

Janet’s journey from Georgetown University student to tech leadership was shaped by the encouragement of her family and the empowerment she received from influential mentors throughout her career. These experiences helped her define her strengths, enabled her to transform professional challenges into growth opportunities, and profoundly affected her approach to leadership and dedication to mentorship.

A vocal champion for those underrepresented in tech, Janet has played a crucial role in creating networking opportunities that have led to significant successes for this group. She is a founding member of Acxiom’s IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Awareness) Council and co-founder and co-leader of Acxiom Women LEAD, an award-winning business resource group (BRG) dedicated to eliminating gender bias in the workplace. Janet also supports Acxiom’s Pan Asia and LGBTQ+ business resource groups as an executive sponsor. Notably, during her tenure, Acxiom witnessed a 16% increase in the percentage of women occupying senior leadership positions and 47% more women in tech leadership roles within the company since 2021.

Apart from her corporate advocacy and leadership, Janet actively supports equitable access to STEM education for young girls as a board member of organizations such as Girlstart, Girls of Promise, and the National Girls Collaborative Project. Through this work, she mentors and nurtures the next generation of female tech leaders. Janet also frequently participates in broader conversations around emerging and evolving topics in technology. Highlighting her expertise in this space, she will lead an upcoming panel addressing bias in AI at the Innotech Austin Women in Tech Summit on Apr. 30.

Reflecting on the Womentech Network recognition, Janet said, “I am deeply honored to be included among such an incredible group of women and believe this honor reflects Acxiom’s collective effort to support women in tech.”

Looking ahead, Janet will continue to advocate for an inclusive and innovative technological future. Emphasizing the importance of female participation in tech, she added, “Our industry thrives on diverse perspectives and experiences. My focus remains on paving the way for more women to assume leadership roles and drive innovation in technology, breaking through barriers that once seemed insurmountable.”

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