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Acxiom expands partnership with Braze

Strategic integration earns Acxiom Level 4 'Orbit' Status - Braze's highest tier of partnership

Acxiom®, the customer intelligence company, today announced that it is strengthening its relationship with Braze and becoming a premium partner within the Braze Alloys Partner Program. Through the expansion of its partnership, Acxiom and Braze will enable more of the world’s leading brands to leverage sophisticated customer engagement strategies that drive loyalty and retention to fuel business growth.

Since joining Braze Alloys in 2023, Acxiom has become a strategic part of a best-in-breed ecosystem of technology and solutions partners that help integrate, customize, and amplify customer engagement capabilities for Braze customers. This expansion makes it easier for customers to leverage agencies, consultancies, and other partners in concert with Braze to provide users with highly personalized, highly effective brand experiences at scale. Braze has certified Acxiom as a Level 4 ‘Orbit’ partner. This certification is reserved for an elite few who bring demonstrated expertise and value to the global Braze ecosystem.

Leveraging the data-driven solutions and marketing technology services of Acxiom’s Customer Intelligence Cloud (CIC) and Braze’s comprehensive customer engagement platform together, brands and marketers can expect:

  • Enhanced data assets with detailed insights into demographics, lifestyles, and preferences.
  • Precision identity matching and data accuracy, ensuring a crystal-clear view of customers.
  • Advanced audience analytics, segmentation, and modeling for informed marketing perspectives and decisions.
  • Boosted marketing campaign results and elevated engagement metrics.
  • Creation of real-time, personalized omnichannel customer journeys that enrich engagement and loyalty.
  • Improved ROI and minimized ad spend.

Jason Skelton, Acxiom’s Head of Alliances and Solutions in Europe, said, “Attaining the Level 4 ‘Orbit’ Partner status from Braze is a proud moment for us at Acxiom. It underscores our shared vision of empowering brands through trusted customer intelligence and robust engagement solutions so they can acquire, retain, and grow relationships with the customers they love, and those they’d love to have.”

“Now more than ever, it’s critical for brands to have personalized engagement strategies that reach consumers when it matters most,” said Myles Kleeger, President and Chief Commercial Officer of Braze. “It’s exciting to see increasing momentum for our solutions partner program within Braze Alloys. We look forward to continued success and collaboration as we work with our partners to power brilliant customer engagement strategies that propel growth for brands.”

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