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AdCellerant announced the acquisition of Blue Orchid


AdCellerant, a leading marketing technology and services company headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Blue Orchid. Blue Orchid provides profit-enhancing services and technology for partners’ ad operations processes and execution, offering expertise in remnant management and delivery. Blue Orchid services contributes to a healthier bottom line, elevating campaign performance and remnant stack efficiency.

Integrating Blue Orchid’s expertise and client portfolio into AdCellerant’s dynamic product suite will enhance the company’s capabilities and broaden the scope of services offered. This strategic move is part of AdCellerant’s ongoing efforts to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape.

Key Highlights of the Acquisition

  1. Unified Technological Advancements. AdCellerant Partners can now have their owned and operated campaigns managed by AdCellerant and integrated into Ui.Marketing. This seamless integration allows Partners to have all their digital advertising products in a single Proposal Solution, Order Management system, and Reporting Dashboard via Ui.Marketing.
  2. Expanded Service Offerings. The merger opens doors to an expanded range of services, including managing Owned and Operated campaigns on Partner websites and the Yield Management of unsold ad inventory on Partner websites, all guaranteed to increase efficiency, revenue, and profitability.
  3. Award-Winning Team Collaboration. Clients will benefit from collaborating with AdCellerant’s award-winning industry experts, ensuring access to unmatched insights, guidance, and support throughout their marketing journey.
  4. Streamlined Campaign Management. The integration brings forth a centralized platform through Ui.Marketing, streamlining sales, order processing, campaign management, and reporting in a single user interface.
  5. Consistent Optimization Strategies. AdCellerant introduces standardized optimization strategies, ensuring campaign consistency and maximum fulfillment of your advertiser’s campaigns.
  6. Monetization Opportunities. Clients gain access to AdX and Header Bidding capabilities, empowering them to monetize unsold inventory effectively and diversify revenue streams.

“This strategic move reinforces our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to our clients,” said Shelby Carlson, COO and Co-Founder of AdCellerant. “Integrating Blue Orchid’s capabilities enhances our position in the market, allowing us to deliver even more value to our partners.”

“I’m thrilled to announce Blue Orchid’s recent integration with AdCellerant. This marks a significant milestone, and I’m honored to join forces with a powerhouse in the industry,” said Devin Yeager, Co-Founder and CEO of Blue Orchid. “This union will provide the resources and support needed to enhance our service offerings to our clients. With this expanded team, we can accelerate innovation and deliver even more robust tools to our valued clients. We are excited about this union’s possibilities and look forward to a future of continued growth and success.”

The entire team at AdCellerant looks forward to the opportunities and growth that this acquisition will bring, and they remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of digital marketing innovation.

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