AdCellerant Tackles SEO Status–Is It Alive, Dead, or More Resilient?

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In the wake of MozCon 2023, the age-old debate resurfaced: Is SEO on its deathbed? Despite these proclamations, recent findings from eMarketer reveal a staggering 46% surge in CMO investment in SEO this year. Is this a signal of its resilience or merely a temporary resurgence?

Experienced SEO professionals perceive SEO as an ever-evolving dance with algorithms across various platforms. While each platform may have unique preferences—YouTube favors a distinct style, and TikTok embraces newcomers—SEO remains a universal language in the digital sphere.

Sam Rahimi, VP of Earned and Owned Media at AdCellerant, distills the MozCon insights into three crucial points in a recent blog: Is SEO Dead, Alive, or More Resilient Than Ever?

  1. Standardization in SEO. SEO strives to enhance user experiences and prioritize quality over outdated tactics.
  2. SEO in the A.I. Era. Opportunities arise for inclusion in AI-driven results, a space where brands can shine amid evolving search landscapes.
  3. SEO Rules: Adaptability and Refinement. SEO demands adaptability, and stagnation will hinder its progress.

At AdCellerant, we embrace SEO’s evolutionary trajectory. Our redefined optimization strategies, from dynamic listings to cutting-edge content tools, empower partners to navigate the evolving digital terrain. As 2024 looms, AdCellerant pledges continued commitment, emphasizing local solutions and video-centric optimizations.

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