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AdTheorent Health earned Neutronian’s NQI Data Quality certification


AdTheorent Health, a division of AdTheorent Holding Company, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADTH), a programmatic digital advertising leader using advanced machine learning and privacy-forward solutions to drive advertiser outcomes, today announced that it has earned Neutronian’s NQI Data Quality certification, awarded to companies that maintain the highest standards of data quality, privacy, and transparency. AdTheorent Health received Neutronian’s NQI Data Quality certification for its groundbreaking algorithm-based, ID-independent Health Audiences, powered by HABi™.

Using the most comprehensive, primary-sourced health dataset in market, HABi enables health advertisers to research, create and activate ID-independent health audiences in one platform.

Advertisers can explore de-identified health records in real time based on diagnosis, procedures, prescribed medication, healthcare specialty and many other attributes. Based on the attributes selected, users can see a variety of health Insights, such as top diagnosis, top prescribed medication, top procedures performed, age, gender, and geographical breakdown, and then correlate such insights with available targetable digital media. This allows advertisers to create and activate custom health audiences on the platform that are tailored to their unique objectives. These AdTheorent Health Audiences are ID-independent, privacy-forward and fully customizable with the highest performance in market.

To become Neutronian Certified, AdTheorent Health underwent a comprehensive audit of the processes, procedures and data used to build AdTheorent Health Audiences. The “Certified by Neutronian” badge, supported by proprietary and innovative data-evaluation procedures, helps brand and agency marketers identify top-quality, privacy compliant datasets to use for their marketing efforts. For buyers of marketing data, Neutronian certification provides transparency and clarity with an independent verification of data quality. This eases the data vetting burden on buyers and helps high-quality data providers stand out from the rest.

AdTheorent Health went through a Neutronian’s rigorous audit process covering five main categories of data quality, privacy and transparency including:

    • Consent standards and opt-in/out process
    • Privacy and compliance disclosures (ex. GDPR, CCPA, etc.)
    • Data sources and data capture mechanisms
    • Transparency of data sources and data use details externally
    • Type(s) of dataset – deterministic and/or modeled
    • Data cleansing practices – de-duplication, removal of fraudulent data, etc.
    • Data processing and retention controls
    • Statistical methodology utilization – modeling, weighting, etc.
    • Methods used to evaluate data accuracy
    • Frequency of evaluating data performance

AdTheorent Health exceeded all Neutronian Certification criteria, providing marketers the confidence that AdTheorent Health Audiences, built by HABi, have been qualified through an extremely comprehensive and in-depth audit of data sources, processes and privacy compliance.

“Having the highest standard of data quality, privacy and transparency is particularly important in the healthcare industry and we are honored that AdTheorent Health Audiences, built by HABi, received the Neutronian NQI certification,” said Jim Lawson, CEO of AdTheorent. “AdTheorent Health Audiences represent a groundbreaking approach to audience creation, and this certification validates AdTheorent’s position as a leader in privacy-forward and industry compliant healthcare solutions.”

“We are pleased that AdTheorent Health has earned Neutronian Certification for its prioritization of data quality, privacy, and transparency,” said Lisa Abousaleh, CEO and co-founder of Neutronian. “AdTheorent Health’s transparent approach to audience creation, utilizing de-identified health data that is then correlated to real time programmatic signals, allows health marketers to achieve their desired advertising outcomes in the most privacy-forward way possible – this is a tangible differentiator in the health advertising ecosystem.”

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