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AgencyAnalytics proudly introduces its Labs functionality

Customers to get access to cutting-edge "Labs" Functionality - making client reports more efficient and valuable than ever before

Thousands of marketing agencies have trusted AgencyAnalytics with its client reporting solutions since 2010. Today, the team is proud to introduce its Labs functionality, which will deliver a variety of game-changing tools to customers at no additional cost, making the platform more powerful than ever.

When agencies start their business, they typically use free tools for their client reporting such as spreadsheets, screenshots, and creating presentation slides manually. However, as they begin to grow their client base, this process cannot scale. AgencyAnalytics resolves this inefficiency and helps over 6,500 agencies save billable hours by reducing the time and effort required to create professional client reports. With AgencyAnalytics, data from over 75 marketing integrations are seamlessly streamlined into client reports and real-time marketing dashboards.

Labs is Here

Now, with Labs, marketing agencies don’t just get access to the latest features but have a unique opportunity to directly influence the development of AgencyAnalytics’ client reporting tools. Agencies can test and provide feedback on the newest innovations before they are released to the broader market – ensuring that the tools are refined, effective, and aligned with the real-world needs of marketing agencies. This early access positions them as leaders in adopting and implementing innovative strategies that redefine marketing success for their clients.

“At AgencyAnalytics we’ve been delivering immense value to marketers for 13 years, but we can’t allow ourselves to become complacent,” explained Joe Kindness, CEO & Co-Founder of  AgencyAnalytics. “That’s why I tasked our team with investing thousands of hours over the recent months to create these new Labs features. We want to empower agencies to not only keep pace with the digital evolution but to actively shape it. By fusing the ingenuity of marketing professionals with our technological expertise, we’re aiming for a more dynamic and responsive future in digital marketing.”

“There is a relentless pace of change in digital marketing, which poses an ongoing challenge for marketing agency leaders,” said Jesse Smith, Chief Product Officer,  AgencyAnalytics. “With Labs, marketers can test, experience, and influence the development of cutting-edge reporting tools. We can’t wait to hear what people think of the new features.”

The first features to be released under Labs include:

  • MultiView Campaigns, which helps agencies quickly and easily connect multiple accounts per platform integration to a single client campaign. Designed for agencies that manage multiple ad accounts or social profiles for the same client, this new feature reduces costs and streamlines data insights.
  • Google BigQuery Integration to quickly connect a Google BigQuery (often used by agencies as a cost-effective and multicloud data warehouse) instance to reports and dashboards to run custom SQL queries, create macros to filter by date, and more.  (Note: Coming in Mid-December).

“Working with AgencyAnalytics has been a breath of fresh air. We’ve been with them for over a year now and aren’t looking back,” said Matthew Regenie, CEO, Prospect Future. “The value for the price is unmatched, especially when considering the ease of use, breadth of integrations, and constant innovation. We’re excited to start utilizing the new Labs features. AgencyAnalytics already does a great job of listening to customer feedback, and this new option for early access to useful tools may be a game changer and give us that extra edge.”

Future Forward: What’s Coming in Labs
Looking ahead, AgencyAnalytics is committed to regularly introducing cutting-edge features under the Labs section of the platform. Future plans include advanced data warehousing capabilities, a campaign auditor, and AI-driven insights, all poised to significantly enhance marketing agencies’ data analysis and decision-making processes.

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