Alcove launches Shopify Integration

The Alcove application for Shopify unlocks fully-integrated inventory and sales capabilities to transparently scale carbon credits.

Alcove, the leading carbon credit inventory management solution used by the top carbon credit project developers, announced today the release of the Alcove application for the Shopify commerce platform. This fully integrated, carbon-specific application for the Shopify platform enables carbon credit project developers to seamlessly manage and sell credits generated by any type of carbon removal or avoidance project. By integrating Alcove with Shopify’s array of commerce features, developers can now unlock new revenue streams with the back-end infrastructure necessary to efficiently and transparently sell and scale their carbon credit operations.

Alcove has combined the power of Alcove’s purpose-built carbon management software with the unmatched commerce functionality of Shopify.

The Alcove platform enables leading project developers to automate critical carbon credit inventory management workflows including:

  • Forecasting and allocating carbon credits accurately
  • Fulfilling and automating upcoming delivery obligations
  • Incorporating carbon credit production data, including sensors, meters, and lifecycle analysis to credit operations
  • Automating the alignment of inventory across stages of the sales funnel
  • Modeling complex purchases and multi-phase transactions to simplify timelines and track meaningful metrics

Alcove built this integration to empower project developers using Alcove’s backend carbon-specific infrastructure to leverage Shopify’s leading commerce platform. Shopify will enable Alcove users to:

  • Power commercialization workflows with a taxonomy optimized for carbon specificity
  • Turn carbon removal purchases into a straightforward ecommerce experience
  • Build fully customized storefront experiences and new sales channels to increase carbon credit sales and diversify revenue streams with new buyers, enterprises and SMBs alike
  • Own the relationship with buyers without forfeiting money and data to a marketplace
  • Streamline transactions, including forward purchases for forecasted inventory, through automated payments processing provided via Shopify

“With the release of the Alcove application for Shopify, project developers using the Alcove inventory management platform are able to seamlessly integrate the full capabilities of Shopify to manage, promote, and sell their credits directly to new buyer segments,” says Mars Garza, co-founder and co-CEO of Alcove.

Carbon credit project developers can contact Alcove to learn more at and can download the Alcove application through the Shopify app store (

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