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Applitools announced partnership with Kobiton

The Applitools Intelligent Testing Platform integrated with Kobiton's Mobile App Testing Platform streamlines QA processes and enhances test coverage and accuracy

Applitools, the industry leader for AI-powered test automation, announced it has partnered with Kobiton, a leader in mobile application testing. The Applitools Intelligent Testing Platform integrated with Kobiton’s Mobile App Testing Platform allows for the testing of any type of application on any combination of devices and browsers at a speed and accuracy that’s not available with any other solution in the market.

Until now, the Applitools Intelligent Testing Platform supported mobile testing on customers’ devices or third-party cloud devices. With the Kobiton partnership, Applitools customers have access to hundreds of real mobile devices and perform automated functional and visual tests on any type of application (i.e. web, mobile and desktop) from within the same platform. This helps to reduce tool sprawl as customers can license real mobile devices directly from Applitools and cover all of their testing needs from the Applitools platform.

Benefits of the Applitools Intelligent Testing Platform and Kobiton Mobile App Testing Platform integration include:

  • Expanded Testing Capabilities: Applitools and Kobiton customers can now perform tests on a wide range of real mobile devices, enhancing test coverage and accuracy.
  • AI-Powered Insights: Leveraging both vendors’ AI technologies, teams can accelerate test authoring, automatically detect and resolve visual discrepancies, and enable 3x faster execution times.
  • Continuous Mobile Testing: This integration enables rapid iteration and feedback loops, significantly reducing the time required to identify, address, and resolve issues, accelerating the speed of mobile app development and market release.
  • Unified Experience: The integration provides a unified platform for both automated and manual testing processes, streamlining workflow and improving productivity.
  • Scalability and Security: From startups to large enterprises, teams of any size can scale their testing efforts to meet demand without compromising quality or security. The partnership enables customers to enjoy these benefits through cloud deployment, full on-premises setup, or hybrid deployments.

“With the partnership between Applitools and Kobiton, we are pleased to now provide our customers with a complete solution for authoring, validating and executing tests on any technology,” said Alex Berry, CEO of Applitools. “The combination of Applitools’ Intelligent Testing Platform and Kobiton’s expertise in native mobile testing enables developers and QA teams to more efficiently validate the functionality and appearance of their applications across all devices and browsers. This ensures flawless digital experiences that are critical to the success of modern enterprises.”

“Our partnership with Applitools marks a significant step forward in Kobiton’s mission to accelerate mobile app development and testing for enterprises around the world,” said Sean Barry, CEO of Kobiton. “By integrating Applitools’ cutting-edge visual testing technology, we’re not just enhancing our platform; we’re revolutionizing the way businesses approach mobile quality assurance. This collaboration underscores our commitment to empowering developers and QA teams to deliver superior mobile experiences with greater speed and efficiency than ever before. Together with Applitools, we’re making the promise of flawless mobile applications a tangible reality for our customers.”

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