ARF released “The Handbook for Using AI in Advertising Research”

Exclusive Members-Only Handbook Offers Guidance for Advertisers on Effective AI Utilization

The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), a nonprofit industry association for creating, aggregating, and sharing knowledge in the fields of advertising and mass media, today announced the release of “The Handbook for Using AI in Advertising Research.” This new comprehensive guide showcases the ARF’s commitment to driving the advertising industry through cutting-edge research and practical insights.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed various sectors in recent years, but its application in advertising research, until now, remained largely unexplored. Recognizing this gap, the ARF conducted extensive research to harness the power of AI in the realm of advertising research. The result is a groundbreaking handbook that provides valuable guidance and actionable strategies for advertisers to leverage AI effectively. For this project, leading programs were thoroughly tested in such tasks as report writing, survey design and analysis, synthetic research and fraud detection.

“The Handbook for Using AI in Advertising Research” is exclusively available to ARF members and represents a significant milestone in the organization’s ongoing efforts to advance the advertising industry through innovation and collaboration. The “Handbook for Using AI in Advertising Research” offers a distinctive interactive feature, inviting industry experts to contribute insights and perspectives. ARF members are encouraged to participate by submitting comments and case studies, which will be carefully reviewed and integrated into the handbook, ensuring its continual evolution. This comprehensive resource provides advertisers with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate the intricate realm of AI and advertising research, facilitating informed decision-making and the creation of impactful campaigns.

“Artificial intelligence is a tool that, when harnessed properly, enhances our capabilities as humans and professionals. As AI technology evolves at lightning speed, now is a critical time for the solid insights and clarity that ARF research delivers. Our AI Handbook is meant to be a progressive resource that equips our members with the information and best practices they need to apply AI in their own advertising research,” said Scott McDonald, Ph.D., President & CEO of ARF.

“The Handbook for Using AI in Advertising Research” covers crucial topics, including:

  • The Evolution of AI: Tracing AI’s development and its impact on advertising research.
  • Basics of AI and Machine Learning: Providing a foundational understanding of AI principles.
  • ARF Case Studies: Highlighting real-world implementations of AI in advertising research.
  • Ethics and Transparency: Addressing ethical considerations in AI-driven advertising research.
  • The Future of AI: Exploring emerging trends and potential advancements in the field.

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