Ascent Cloud Unveils Spring 2024 Sales Performance Management Solutions

Ascent Cloud customers will be able to plan, execute, and grow more effectively with these enhancements

Ascent Cloud has announced the Spring 2024 Release of its industry-leading Sales Performance Management solutions, which includes Territory Planner, Geopointe, and LevelEleven.

Territory Planner users will be able to work smarter and faster with several enhancements to streamline territory planning and revenue operations. Hierarchy Import Automation will empower sales leaders to drive their territories based on their organizational hierarchy and other go-to-market strategies. Additionally, Territory Planner users will be able to engage in strategic planning discussions faster with the ability to import pre-existing territory models and territory owners.

Geopointe users will benefit from several enhancements to Geopointe’s industry-leading Assignment Plans. New SOQL filtering and non-geographic Assignment Plans will allow for more granular routing of critical CRM records (e.g. Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Accounts). Assignment Plans can now also assign CRM records via Round Robin or to Queues in CRM. These enhancements will enable sales and revenue operations leaders to intelligently assign records equitably and ensure there is no revenue leakage in their go-to-market strategy. In addition, Geopointe Lists have been enhanced to streamline the user experience so reps can create prospecting lists faster and spend more time with customers and prospects.

LevelEleven users will be able to motivate their teams faster than ever with enhancements to Competitions. Managers and Admins will be able to create Competitions directly from Manager Scorecard as well as auto-sync LevelEleven users in active Competitions when they change teams. Additionally, the Milestones gamification experience will be available as a type of Competition to give leaders more options to motivate the behaviors that lead to growth. Finally, LevelEleven’s integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams has been enhanced so users see Competition Leaderboard updates and other notifications in real-time.

Comments on the News

“We are always thrilled to provide our customers with updates to Territory Planner, Geopointe, and LevelEleven,” said David Leinweber, CEO of Ascent Cloud. “These latest enhancements enable our customers to plan, execute, and grow their business more efficiently. Furthermore, we are giving frontline and senior leaders the tools they need to increase the productivity of their existing sales and revenue teams.”

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