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ASDA partners with Avery Berkel and Hanshow


ASDA, in partnership with Avery Berkel and Hanshow, has launched a strategic project to create the first sustainability trial store in the UK that utilizes leading ESL technology and digital retail solutions to enhance operations and improve the shopping experience for customers. This partnership aims to promote refillable solutions for supermarket shopping in the UK, with a focus on sustainability and customer experience. Avery Berkel and Hanshow collaborated to leverage their expertise in retail scales, enterprise scale management, and electronic shelf labels (ESLs) to develop a sustainable solution for the Middleton store, eliminating the need for physical labels and creating a zero-waste solution for ASDA.

The solutions offered by Avery Berkel and Hanshow allow ASDA to carry out its commitment to zero-waste shopping through its bring-your-own-container solution and promoting its ‘Refill Price Promise’ program, which guarantees lower prices to help customers shop more sustainably. ESL technology reduces the cost and time of manual updates, while allowing ASDA to make real-time changes to prices and promotions. It also allows customers to see price differences in wrapped and unwrapped versions of the same product. The solutions make it easier for customers to shop sustainably and are part of a greater effort to make ASDA’s refill areas more efficient and green.

Avery Berkel and Hanshow’s ESL technology streamlines in-store change administration and management, ensuring real-time price and product updates to keep shelves up to date and compliant with regulations. This flexibility to adjust prices and promotions enables retailers to respond promptly to market trends and customer demands, while reducing costs associated with label stock holding and consumables. Increased productivity and efficiency allow employees to focus on providing better customer service.

Customizability is another key feature of the ESL technology innovations, enabling ASDA and other retailers to incorporate custom fonts, images, logos, and graphics into the labels. This allows for brand alignment and a consistent visual identity across stores. The on-screen barcodes and QR codes facilitate easy scanning, streamlining checkout processes and enhancing operational efficiency.

The components of Avery Berkel and Hanshow’s solution are seamlessly integrated to provide shoppers with an enriching refill experience while emphasizing sustainability. Unlike standard printed shelf and product labels, the total refill solution offers additional product information such as refill instructions, ingredients, allergens, and storage details, encouraging sustainability in ASDA stores.

Avery Berkel and Hanshow aimed to revolutionize the shopping experience by making sustainable choices more accessible and engaging for customers. The shopper interface, designed to be simple and intuitive, ensures that even customers unfamiliar with this technology can easily navigate and participate. The collaboration among ASDA, Avery Berkel and Hanshow has led to a total solution that not only benefits the retail industry and its customers, but also provides a green solution and encourages more environmentally friendly retail practices and shopping habits. Consumer demand for sustainable retail will continue to grow in the future. Hanshow will strive to provide the sustainable retail solutions by continuously innovating and improving their digital labelling technology to meet the changing needs of customers and reduce environmental impact.

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