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Atos announces the 3rd Sustainability Conference alongside COP 28


Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, is proud to announce the 3rd edition of its Atos Sustainability Conference, a groundbreaking event aimed at fostering collaboration and innovation between members of the IT ecosystem in the pursuit of a more sustainable future. The conference is a proactive initiative aligned with the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP 28) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The Atos Sustainability Conference brings together thought leaders, experts, and stakeholders from various industries to discuss the urgent challenges posed by climate change and how we can address them through sustainable IT services. The event will serve as a platform for exchanging ideas, showcasing innovative solutions, and building partnerships to drive positive environmental impact.

In collaboration with our strategic alliance partners AWS, Dell, Dynatrace, Netapp, and Pure Storage, and with the exceptional presence of our WWF partner, we will engage in a comprehensive exploration of a diverse agenda, delving into critical sustainability topics such as:

  • Sustainability across the IT ecosystem,
  • Green Cloud Revolution,
  • sustainable workplace solutions,
  • decarbonization in the maritime world,
  • generative AI for data-driven sustainability,
  • biodiversity conservation.

This collaborative effort aims to gain insight into the latest sustainability frameworks shaping responsible business practices, foster a spirit of cooperation and innovation, and catalyze actionable change for a more sustainable future.

Berenice Chassagne, CEO of Growing Markets, said, ‘At Atos, we believe in driving sustainable transformation across industries through collaboration and innovation. It’s not just about green IT; it’s about IT for green; it’s a revolution that is reshaping the landscape of corporate responsibility and environmental conservation. Atos has been on this path for more than a decade now, gaining worldwide recognition from tier-one organizations such as the DJSI. This conference is our commitment to driving innovation and propelling actionable change toward a future where technology and sustainability harmoniously coexist. Together with our partners, we are providing end-to-end solutions to drive sustainable growth and profitability.’ The Atos Group has been committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its activities across its value chain worldwide for over 12 years. It has been a member of both the 2022 Dow Jones Sustainability Index World and Europe for 8 years and ranks among the first 3 European companies in the IT services sector. Atos has been listed A for more than 10 years by the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), which rewards actions to fight global warming.

Tune in to our podcast series as we explore and contribute to meaningful conversations on a global scale around the circular economy, immersion cooling to make data centres eco-friendly and cost-efficient, driving sustainability in enterprise data storage, and the journey towards a more sustainable future with cloud technology.

For more information about the Atos Sustainability Conference and to register for the event, please visit Atos Sustainability Conference 2023 – Atos

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