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AUDIENCEX and GEENEE to launch Live Virtual Try-On Ad Campaigns

Augmented reality ads launched for a leading jewelry brand during peak shopping seasons

In a pioneering move that redefines the online shopping experience, AUDIENCEX, the AI-enabled digital advertising partner, has joined forces with GEENEE, an advanced AI-live virtual try-on (LVTO) platform, to launch a groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) LVTO campaign for a prestigious artisan handcrafted jewelry label. This cutting-edge initiative introduces a series of ads enabling consumers to try on and experience the luxury jewelry brand’s collections in real-time 3D, directly within the ad unit.

This innovative campaign is poised to transform the way consumers engage with not only jewelry collections but also any wearable products by offering a seamless and immersive virtual try-on experience that bridges the gap between physical and digital shopping realms. By simply interacting with the AR ads, shoppers can virtually wear products, providing an engaging and interactive shopping experience that enhances decision-making and fosters brand consideration, especially during peak shopping periods.

Recognizing that all media is social, the interactive ads also uniquely allow users to record and share their try-on experiences directly from the ad unit, promoting wider brand awareness.

The ease of the LVTO experience not only drives engagement but also promotes more informed purchasing, thereby increasing customer satisfaction while reducing returns and their environmental impact. By embracing this kind of innovation and prioritizing sustainability, brands can positively shape the future of online fashion. The LVTO Ads represent a significant leap towards a more personalized and responsible shopping experience for all, offering consumers a seamless, premium brand experience.

This collaboration between AUDIENCEX and GEENEE underscores the potential of AR technology to revolutionize not only retail but also the advertising industry. By integrating try-on capabilities directly into digital ads, this campaign promises to increase engagement, boost conversion rates, and provide invaluable insights into consumer preferences and behavior.

GEENEE Engineer, Vlad Bondarenko says, “We’re excited to partner with AUDIENCEX to bring cutting-edge AR technology to the forefront of digital advertising. Combining indistinguishable realism rendering, a AAA physics game engine in augmented reality, and real-time head tracking, our AI-driven platform ensures near-perfect try-on accuracy. Together, we’re revolutionizing how consumers engage with brands online.”

“Our partnership with GEENEE to create and launch this innovative AR try-on campaign is a testament to our commitment to cutting-edge technology that can shape the future of digital advertising and retail for our clients,” said Steven Kaufman, VP of Client Services at AUDIENCEX. “When we deliver these kinds of highly immersive experiences to consumers, we observe a significant impact on measurable performance, especially when integrated with our broader embrace of omnichannel, full-funnel media, and powerful predictive analytics.”

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