Audigent integrates with Direct Digital Holdings’ Colossus SSP

Audigent Integrates with Direct Digital Holdings’ Colossus SSP, Bringing Curation to Leading Multicultural and Diverse Supply

Two of the fastest-growing ad tech companies partner to give advertisers enhanced data activation capabilities to multicultural and diverse audiences using privacy-first data sets and precise targeting

Audigent, the leading data activation, curation and identity platform, today announced an integration with Direct Digital Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: DRCT) (“Direct Digital Holdings” or the “Company”), a leading advertising and marketing technology platform operating through its companies Colossus Media, LLC (“Colossus SSP”), Huddled Masses LLC (“Huddled Masses”) and Orange 142, LLC (“Orange142”).

The partnership brings together Audigent’s industry-leading data activation capabilities with Direct Digital Holdings’ Colossus SSP. This gives advertisers access to Audigent’s enhanced data activation capabilities and precise targeting across their highly sought-after, diverse supply. The net result is a strong performance for advertisers now and into the cookieless future.

“The combination of the Colossus SSP and Audigent’s data and curation capabilities is the kind of collaboration we need to move the ecosystem forward,” said Scott Ensign, Chief Strategy Officer, Butler/Till. “We are focused on leading in purpose-driven programmatic investment for our clients and are excited about this partnership as a meaningful opportunity to move that effort ahead.”

By integrating Audigent’s identity and curation solutions, the Colossus SSP improves its unique, robust, inclusive marketplace, allowing highly-targeted private marketplace opportunities that take full advantage of a depth and breadth of inventory. Buyers now have an opportunity to pinpoint curated audiences within a very diverse spectrum.

“As the industry moves away from third-party cookies, alternative identity solutions are critical in future-proofing programmatic efforts,” said Mark D. Walker, Co-Founder, CEO, and Chairman at Direct Digital Holdings. “Audigent’s combination of data-driven advertiser demand will provide Colossus SSP’s publishers with high-performing data-driven campaigns.”

Direct Digital Holdings’ subsidiaries address distinct needs within the media and marketing ecosystem. Colossus SSP works with brands of all sizes, connecting them with both the general market and highly targeted multicultural and diverse audiences, serving as a one-stop shop for media inventory needs. On the buy-side, Huddled Masses and Orange142 empower businesses in the often-neglected SMB and middle market segments with data-driven digital marketing solutions. These platforms seamlessly integrate with Colossus SSP, extending the benefits of its inclusive marketplace and approach to SMB and middle market clients, yielding impressive results.

As the industry’s largest creator and operator of curated private marketplaces (PMPs), Audigent’s pioneering approach to programmatic advertising activates data from the supply side by packaging inventory and data together to drive maximum addressability, performance, and efficiency for media buyers. This packaging of data and inventory, called Curation, drives Audigent’s award-winning suite of PMP products including SmartPMPs, ContextualPMPs and Cognitive PMPs for brands and media agencies.

“Direct Digital Holdings has built a differentiated SSP, with a focus on diverse audiences, that is truly lifting all boats in the programmatic marketing world,” said Drew Stein, CEO and co-founder of Audigent. “Working directly with purpose-built SSPs like this creates an opportunity for advertisers of all sizes to tap into the latest developments of data activation and identity, which are crucial amid a changing landscape.”

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