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Autonomous posting set to transform social media marketing


Finland-based Hookle introduces ‘Hookle AIDE,’ an AI-powered post generation assistant set to transform social media marketing for small businesses. The fully automated feature analyzes users’ profiles, crafting personalized daily posts without the need for prompts. Tero Seppala, CEO of Hookle, sees this as a new dawn for small businesses in social media marketing, emphasizing ‘Hookle AIDE’ as a personalized content assistant. Leveraging cutting-edge AI, Hookle aims to lead in fully autonomous social media marketing, catering to entrepreneurs and small businesses globally.

Hookle, a global leader in AI-powered mobile social media management, launches ‘Hookle AIDE,’ a fully automated post generation assistant to help small business owners and entrepreneurs to automate their social media posting and content creation.

The company has been a market pioneer in AI-powered social media post generation and image selection. With this latest feature, Hookle takes another step towards fully automated social media management by removing the need for user prompts altogether. Instead, the new technology analyzes the user’s social media profile and crafts daily social post suggestions that are custom-tailored for that particular user at that particular time.

Tero Seppala, CEO of Hookle, expresses his enthusiasm: “We’re on the brink of a new dawn in social media marketing for small businesses. ‘Hookle AIDE’ isn’t just a feature; it’s your personal content assistant, making sure you’re always ready to connect with your audience in meaningful ways. Users don’t need to do anything but connect their social channels, and Hookle autonomously generates highly relevant posts, just for them, in seconds.”

Hookle’s AI builds on the latest language models and feedback from the thousands of Hookle users to offer the smoothest user experience in the market. Every day, Hookle users receive fresh, personalized post suggestions on their dashboard. These engaging, ready-to-use posts meet the diverse needs of small businesses, providing inspiration or enabling direct publishing through the app. Users benefit from a steady flow of content that captivates their audience and bolsters their online presence.

“Our vision was to create something that feels like having a dedicated social media team in your pocket,” says Tero. “For small businesses, where every moment counts, ‘Hookle AIDE’ offers a swift, straightforward solution to stay ahead in the digital game.”

‘Hookle AIDE’ leverages cutting-edge AI technology to generate unique and engaging posts, tailored to each user’s industry, business needs, and language preferences on a daily basis. This steady stream of personalised posts aims to eliminate the common struggle of figuring out what to publish next, ensuring that your social media feeds remain fresh and relevant.

“The user is still in the loop and makes the final decision, but as AI technology and user confidence improve, soon more and more of our users will be able to hand over all of their social media management to Hookle AIDE and just sit back and enjoy the results,” says Tero“We are rapidly heading towards fully autonomous social media marketing.”

While industry leaders like Hootsuite and Sprout Social cater to the needs of large companies, Hookle focuses on providing a mobile app with an easy-to-use interface, budget-friendly plans, and AI features tailored specifically for entrepreneurs and small businesses. With ‘Hookle AIDE’ and leveraging Hookle’s patented technology, Hookle aims to be the top choice for small businesses worldwide, positioning itself as a leading global option for AI-powered social media marketing solutions designed to meet their unique requirements.

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