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Axis Programmatic Middleware and Lemma Strategically Partner


Axis, an AI-powered programmatic platform that streamlines connections between suppliers and advertisers, and Lemma, a leading omnichannel Supply Side Platform (SSP) for emerging formats have joined forces in a strategic partnership. By combining their expertise, they aim to provide enhanced solutions for advertisers and brands, elevating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, especially in the emerging media space.

This collaboration will advance the capabilities and opportunities available to Axis’s demand-side partners. From now on, it will provide them access to a wider array of sources and opportunities, qualitative geographical targeting, and a more diverse range of ad formats, ensuring enhanced engagement and effectiveness in the advertising campaigns.

Lemma’s omni-channel platform, coupled with Axis’s extensive network and expertise, will enable advertisers to reach their target audiences with precision and efficiency. Through this partnership, DSPs can expect seamless integration, comprehensive support, and unparalleled access to premium inventory via Lemma, driving superior results and maximizing ROI.

“Axis is thrilled to join forces with Lemma in this strategic partnership. By leveraging Lemma SSP’s cutting-edge technology and extensive reach, we are equipping our DSP partners with the tools and resources they need to thrive in today’s competitive ad tech landscape.”
Ann Tarasewicz, CEO, Axis

“In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising technology, partnerships are key to driving progress and meeting the diverse needs of advertisers and brands. Our partnership with Axis marks a transformative step forward in redefining advertising solutions for evolving brands.”
Sabarish Pillai, Global VP Programmatic, Lemma

About Axis

Axis is a programmatic middleware that enables seamless connections between DSPs on the demand side and SSPs, Ad Exchanges, and Publishers on the supply side. It streamlines partnership acquisition and trading processes, providing suppliers and advertisers with opportunities to expand their networks with a vast number of onboarded clients. With a focus on innovation, transparency, and client success, Axis empowers users to streamline integration and documentation processes, reducing manual workloads and boosting revenue.

About Lemma

Lemma is a leading omni-channel Supply side platform for emerging formats, offering brands, advertisers, DSP’s and media owners unparalleled control, scale, efficiency, and flexibility for driving business growth through emerging media. Their suite of products enables marketers and media owners to unlock the full potential of diverse advertising channels seamlessly. With a global presence and an emerging footprint in North America and EMEA, Lemma’s Supply Side Platform (SSP) integrates programmatic buying in DOOH, CTV, and other emerging formats, empowering advertisers to create engaging campaigns that resonate across multiple touchpoints.

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