Baresquare unveiled the ‘eCom Product Analyst


Baresquare, an AI-powered analytics platform, today unveiled the ‘eCom Product Analyst,’ a custom GPT tailored to elevate e-commerce product performance analysis. This timely release, coinciding with the crucial holiday shopping season, offers a free tool that delivers daily insights and empowers data-driven decisions, enabling retailers to quickly and effortlessly capitalize on emerging trends and optimize marketing campaigns.

“The holiday season is a pivotal time for online retailers, and while they are inundated with multiple campaigns, the sheer volume of data can be overwhelming. Baresquare’s eCom Product Analyst removes that stress by providing e-commerce managers with immediate action to optimize product performance,” said Georgios Grigoriadis, CEO of Baresquare. “The eCom Product Analyst exemplifies Baresquare’s commitment to delivering actionable insights in clear, concise language, helping ecommerce brands identify and rectify areas for improvement.”

Key Features of ‘eCom Product Analyst’

Seamless Integration with Google Analytics

The eCom Product Analyst seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics while upholding the enterprise-grade security of the Baresquare platform. This integration streamlines the automatic generation of standardized reports, highlighting top-performing products over the past two days, ensuring both timeliness and relevance in the analysis.

Insights and Trends Analysis

Serving as an AI-powered assistant, eCom Product Analyst goes beyond mere numbers, providing a comprehensive understanding of product performance. From identifying top performers to pinpointing revenue drivers, understanding conversion rates, and analyzing cart-to-view ratios, the eCom Product Analyst offers invaluable context in plain language for product success.

Recommendations and Strategies

Going beyond analysis, eCom Product Analyst leverages AI to provide actionable recommendations and strategies. Whether advising on promotional focuses, suggesting inventory adjustments, or enhancing customer engagement, this tool is designed to be a proactive partner in shaping e-commerce strategies.

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