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Billups expands EMEA footprint with Outsight acquisition

Outsight marks Billups’ third acquisition since September, positioning the company for market domination and substantial growth in 2024

Billups, a global Out-of-Home (OOH) managed services agency helping advertisers and agencies strengthen media performance through a patented analytics and measurement platform, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Outsight, an independent OOH agency headquartered in Brussels. This acquisition comes on the heels of Billups’ acquisitions of TAC Media in September and OOH Labs in October.

“Bringing Outsight into the fold marks a significant milestone in our journey towards redefining the OOH landscape in EMEA,” said David Krupp, Global CEO of Billups. “As an inherently location-based medium, we needed a partner with deep, localized expertise that understands the market inside and out. Jos and his team are unmatched in this regard, and their passion for OOH and commitment to excellence mirrors our own, making this partnership not only strategic but also a perfect cultural fit.”

Outsight is a full-service independent OOH managed services agency offering a comprehensive suite of OOH advertising services and solutions, including media planning and buying, campaign management, and production oversight. Best known for delivering tailor-made, efficient and impactful OOH campaigns, Outsight has partnered with over 150 advertisers to deploy and manage more than 940 campaigns across nearly 1.6 million posters in 2023 alone.

“In this digital renaissance, technology isn’t just a tool; it’s the key to unlocking personalized, immersive, and seamlessly integrated brand experiences,” said Jos Van Campenhout, Founder and CEO of Outsight. “Billups is at the forefront of this digital transformation, enhancing the effectiveness of OOH campaigns by creating personalized, engaging, and well-integrated brand experiences. We couldn’t be more excited to join their growing network of localized OOH partners.”

The acquisition marks Billups’ debut in the Belgian OOH market, signifying a strategic move aimed at enhancing the company’s presence and reach within the Benelux region, in addition to serving as a counterpart to the company’s Dutch office and European headquarters in Amsterdam. Benelux has emerged as an innovation hub for programmatic OOH in recent years, and Outsight has played a leading role in driving this transformative shift.

“Amidst a rapidly evolving digitized market where technological investments are indispensable, Outsight recognizes the essential need for a global partner like Billups who not only brings additional structure and clients but also contributes technological expertise,” said Koen Van Rhijn, Chief Operating Officer of Outsight. “Together, in a shared vision, we will take bold steps into the future of OOH advertising, driven by innovation and supported by the global network of Billups that believes in the power of progress and change.”

With the acquisition of Outsight, Billups now holds a global presence in 16 countries across North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia and shows no signs of slowing its growth in 2024.

“With the acquisition of three new companies, the appointment of multiple key leaders, and the launch of Billups Analytics, this past year has been a remarkable period of growth and innovation for our company,” said Benjamin Billups, co-founder of Billups. “As we look ahead to 2024, our focus will be on integrating our new capabilities, expanding our global footprint, and continuing to invest in developing cutting-edge technology and recruiting top talent. Our vision for the coming year is not just to maintain our position as the leading independent OOH specialist, but to redefine what’s possible in OOH, leveraging our enhanced global network and data-driven solutions to deliver measurable and lasting value to our clients worldwide.” For more information, please visit www.billups.com.

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