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BirdDog Harnesses AI for Mazda Events Series

California Start-Up Delivers 70 Point NPS Increase for the Mazda CX-90

Harnessing the combined power of AI, social listening and demographic research, BirdDog Technologies is setting new benchmarks for experiential marketing in the automotive industry. Mazda North American Operations recently partnered with the California firm to achieve unprecedented levels of engagement, brand perception, and customer satisfaction for the 3-row Mazda CX-90.

BirdDog allows automotive brands to plan brand experiences with great accuracy. The remarkable 70-point increase in Net Promoter Score achieved by the recent Mazda program reflects the power of BirdDog’s research on program metrics.

BirdDog’s advanced research techniques capture real-time consumer insights with unparalleled accuracy. By providing market-specific insights, its proprietary event planning platform enables brands to activate precisely at locations most likely to resonate with prospective customers, ensuring maximum impact and efficiency.

Kevin Killip, CEO of BirdDog Technologies, commented on the achievement. “Our collaboration with Mazda represents a significant milestone. The exceptional results underscore the effectiveness of a more targeted, community-based alternative to traditional auto shows, driving meaningful engagement and brand affinity.”

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, BirdDog Technologies is committed to providing cutting-edge research methodologies that drive measurable impact and success through brand experiences. For more information about BirdDog Technologies and its solutions.

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