Blockboard announced a new campaign performance capability

Innovative New Capability Enhances User Control By Offering Guaranteed Performance Outcomes

Industry-leading performance CTV ad platform Blockboard announced a new campaign performance capability that will change the face of CTV programmatic marketing. Blockboard, the only outcome-based marketing (OBM) platform in the programmatic ecosystem, now offers its clients CPA – Cost Per Acquisition outcomes. With this capability, users have significantly enhanced control over their campaign strategy, leveraging sales-driven CPA campaigns. This new CPA capability ensures that every campaign can be managed and precisely measured to meet each client’s unique objectives and goals. Blockboard is so confident of its ROI that it guarantees performance results or clients don’t pay.

Blockboard was founded by and is comprised of a team of industry-leading digital experts who developed the online video marketplace. Its proprietary blockchain technology allows brands to identify and engage with real audiences that have been pre-qualified as the highest possible prospects. In an industry riddled with waste and fraud (according to the ANA’s Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study, the $88 billion open web media ecosystem loses $22 billion to waste and fraud each year), Blockboard guarantees better CTV performance results.

Blockboard also eliminates the middleman tech tax that diminishes working dollars, as there are no extra costs for fraud verification, ad serving, or data platforms, all of which are built into their platform. With more working dollars working harder for better outcomes, brands have the ability to scale their media investments more effectively.

The new CPA capability is available for both account-managed and self-service clients.

“Today’s marketers are being asked to do more with less and justify every dollar spent. They do not have the luxury of losing 23% of their annual media budget to waste and fraud. Every media dollar spent needs to lead to tangible results,” said Matt Wasserlauf, Co-Founder and CEO of Blockboard. “At Blockboard, we are always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We did this by creating a platform on the blockchain, ensuring zero waste and zero fraud, where our clients can easily see and track their buys. Now, with our CPA option, clients can define their success by their specific goals, and if those goals are not met – they don’t pay.”

This offering comes at a time of significant momentum for Blockboard as it builds upon four consecutive years of growth since its inception and positions itself for continued outsized growth.

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