Bloomreach announced three features from Bloomreach Discovery


Bloomreach, the platform fueling limitless e-commerce experiences, today announced three features from Bloomreach Discovery that will unlock the next generation in search experiences and bring a new level of personalization. With algorithm weight customization, LLM-based precision, and visual search, businesses can drive even greater search relevance while maintaining control and flexibility to customize their e-commerce experience for the unique needs of their buyers.

Bloomreach’s advanced, AI-powered search and merchandising solution allows businesses to ensure every search connects customers with the products they need. The launch of its three new features will offer even greater flexibility, control, and customization as e-commerce teams build these relevant experiences for customers. Bloomreach Discovery’s newly launched features include:

  • Algorithm weight customization: E-commerce teams will have the ability to gain greater control over the ranking algorithms powering their business’s search and category pages. Businesses can now adjust the weights of specific signals that are important to their business. When customers successfully find products that align with their needs, they are more likely to make purchases and build trust in that brand.
  • LLM-based precision mode: E-commerce teams will be able to utilize the latest in machine-learning technology to generate search recall sets that are more relevant and precise.
  • Visual search: Bloomreach Discovery is offering brands the option to allow users to search with an image instead of just text. After the image is searched, Discovery’s algorithm will recommend relevant products from the online shop’s catalog. This both shortens the customer’s path to purchase and drives greater product discoverability, especially for hard-to-describe products. Giving shoppers this level of flexibility within their journey, allows for a new and more personalized way for brands to engage with their customers.

“With Discovery’s three newest features, merchandisers and e-commerce developers are able to take their brand’s search capabilities to the next level,” said Jordan Roper, General Manager and Head of Product for Bloomreach Discovery. “Bloomreach understands how important providing a connected, relevant, and enjoyable search experience is to our customers and we’re excited to offer ecommerce teams more control over the site experience their customers prefer.”

Hundreds of leading brands use Bloomreach Discovery to drive more relevant product discovery for their customers, driving increases in revenue per visitor, add-to-cart rates, and more. Learn more about what Bloomreach Discovery helps businesses around the world achieve with its industry-leading solutions.

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