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Bluehost WordPress Hosting ranked Top Tier by Review Signal

Review Signal's 2023 WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks recognize Bluehost performance as a Top Tier solution

Bluehost, one of the leading, innovative WordPress solution providers in the world, announced today that its WordPress hosting solutions have earned a Top Tier ranking by Review Signal in the 2023 WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks.

As an industry leader, Bluehost has a firmly established platform that is meticulously monitored and consistently maintained. WordPress hosting optimizations are vital for smooth site functionality, efficient speed, and robust security. Investing in specialized hosting empowers WordPress users to succeed and thrive in their digital spaces while ensuring the best experience for their visitors. The qualities that set Bluehost’s WordPress hosting apart include the following:

  • A seamlessly integrated global Content Delivery Network (CDN) to help customers reach a global audience with their websites and online stores
  • Solid State Drive storage (SSD) that significantly enhances speed for data retrieval and data transfer
  • Amplified compute resources offering extended CPU time to serve higher number of concurrent web server connections and elevated traffic levels, maintaining peak performance by addressing each request promptly
  • Delivering the latest PHP advancements including the latest 8.2 release that boosts both speed and security
  • Performance tuning for entire software stack including object and opcode caching
  • Auto-installation and managed upgrades ensuring the WordPress software and curated third party plugins are installed correctly and optimized for the server environment
  • 24/7 monitoring for our overall environment to ensure consistent uptime, performance, and optimized user experiences
  • All customers were deployed and supported on an enhanced hosting infrastructure customized and tuned for scalable performance

Bluehost’s technological advancements and optimizations provide a balance of performance and reliability in the best interest of WordPress users around the globe. In addition to great performance, Bluehost’s WonderSuite eliminates common pain points and makes it easier for small businesses to get online quickly.

The goal of Review Signal’s benchmarks research is testing the performance of specialized WordPress hosting. The two measures used to determine performance are peak performance and consistency. Peak performance is measured using a load testing tool, named k6, which emulates large numbers of users visiting a website and watching how well the hosting responds under these stressful conditions. Consistency is measured using uptime monitoring to make sure that the servers remain available for a longer duration of time.

Bluehost earned a Top Tier WordPress Hosting (Full Star) ranking, which is awarded to companies who maintain 99.9% uptime throughout the entire testing period and show little to no performance degradation during load testing, primarily focused on error rate and consistent response times.

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