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Blueshift announces 2024 Omnies Award Winners for Marketing Innovation

Recognizing winners Sweetwater, U.S. News, Ent Credit Union, Greater Miami CVB, and ClearScore for marketing excellence

Blueshift, the leading platform for intelligent customer engagement, today announced the recipients of its Omnies awards. The awards celebrate marketing excellence in delivering personalized, customer experiences using data and AI. The 2024 Omnies award winners were announced at the company’s annual Engage conference, held February 27 in San Francisco.

“The Blueshift Omnies recognize brands that are pushing the boundaries of marketing,” remarked Vijay Chittoor, Co-Founder and CEO of Blueshift. “In an era where first-party data holds unmatched importance, these innovators are harnessing data and AI to forge meaningful connections with their customers.”

Winners in Each Category

The following organizations have been recognized as the 2024 Omnies award winners in their categories:

Orchestration Category Winner: ClearScore

ClearScore’s vision is to help everyone achieve greater financial wellbeing. ClearScore orchestrates engaging and timely communications that help users take control of their financial future. In 2023, ClearScore set out to enhance their personalization efforts to deliver 1:1 engagement, while minimizing message frequency. This initiative resulted in increased user engagement, heightened customer retention, and an overall improvement in messaging effectiveness.

Marketing with AI Category Winner: Sweetwater

Sweetwater is the #1 online retailer of pro audio and music instruments in the United States, serving over eight million music makers. Leveraging the capabilities of data and AI, combined with their distinctive sales engineers, Sweetwater offers customers personalized content recommendations tailored to individual interests and behaviors. This personalized approach has not only enriched the overall customer experience but has also resulted in consistent month-over-month increases in both purchases and order rates.

New Rising Star Category Winner: Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau

Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau is the official, accredited destination sales and marketing organization for Greater Miami and Miami Beach. As a new Blueshift customer, they have hit the ground running leveraging their first-party data, unified customer profiles, and destination content. With a data-centric strategy, they aim to deliver personalized communication to travelers and drive interest and travel for a vacation, business meeting, convention, or major event. The team has a robust plan to further enrich customer profiles by expanding personas, fostering data collection through submission forms, and plans to increase personalization efforts with AI recommendations and live content.

Innovative Campaign Category Winner: Leading Retail Brand

This leading retailer is committed to crafting campaigns that match the fun and cool essence of their products. A key example of this is how they harness the power of social media through “as seen on social” campaigns. These creative initiatives involve incorporating viral videos, such as those on TikTok, directly into emails. The distinctive feature of these campaigns is the ability to make all the products showcased in the viral videos instantly shoppable via email, providing customers with an interactive and seamless shopping experience.

Engagement Category Winner: Ent Credit Union

Ent Credit Union is dedicated to improving the financial lives of its owner-members with education, better rates, lower fees and access to the highest quality financial products. Committed to creating unique financial experiences, Ent continuously seeks innovative methods to engage members through hyper-personalized journeys. In pursuit of an even more tailored approach, Ent introduced a behavior-based journey that showcases personalized offers aligned with each member’s unique account profile. This campaign has seen a significant increase in click rate, online banking adoption, and checking account opens.

Strategic First-Party Data Category Winner: U.S. News

U.S. News is a multifaceted digital media company dedicated to helping consumers, business leaders and policy officials make important decisions in their lives. Adopting a dynamic strategy for data collection and activation, U.S. News seamlessly integrates real-time data with historical insights to drive relevant customer journeys. This approach enables the company to connect with individuals precisely during moments when expert advice is most crucial. Leveraging live website content personalization and targeted email recommendations, U.S. News provides timely and tailored information, offering valuable insights during key decision-making moments.

Honorees in Each Category

Each category had many impressive submissions who demonstrated marketing excellence in their categories:

  • Orchestration:, PRO Compression, Restless
  • Marketing with AI: RentCafe, Houzz, Optimalprint
  • New Rising Star: Fullstaq Marketer, HealthLock, Emred
  • Innovative Campaign: Warner Brothers Discovery, Udacity, AMN Healthcare
  • Engagement: Amerilife, italki, Slickdeals
  • Strategic First-Party Data: LendingTree, Upper Quadrant

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