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Bynder released new research findings

  • Bynder finds that image optimization can increase load speed on average by 30%
  • As a result, customer sales increased by 3%  
  • A marketing expert hails the SEO and UX benefits of the practice 

New findings from Bynder demonstrate the direct impact that image optimization can have on sales.

Bynder, the global leader in Digital Asset Management, has worked with its customers to uncover how image optimization, facilitated by its Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT) Module, had impacted their websites’ performance.

The company found that by simply optimizing images onsite, their customers saw on average a 30% increase in load speed. As a result, sales increased by 3%.

Image optimization increases load speed on average 30%

Steve Vinall, Global Director of Brand and Communications at Bynder, comments on the insights found via Bynder’s Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT) Module:

“Load speed is an important metric for marketers. As Google always aims to provide its customers with the very best user experience, pages with slower load speeds will see their rankings suffer as a result. From a User Experience perspective, website quality is at an all time high in 2024, meaning consumers may quickly click off your page if faced with a long load speed.

Our findings demonstrate how simply optimizing images can improve load speed by on average 30%, and result in a 3% increase in sales or leads.

Marketers face ever-changing challenges in optimizing their content to boost search visibility, so it is reassuring to see tangible impact of an area as simple as image optimization.

My advice to marketers would be to pay close attention to the small details in the same way you would the big ones. Simple edits to images can have just as big of an impact, as we can see from our findings – enhanced load speed, rise in sales and better user experience.

Bynder’s DAT Module allows marketers to automatically optimize images on demand for use in external systems, adapting web coding to provide the best user experience.”

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