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CallRail launches AI-powered multi-conversation insights

Groundbreaking new feature aggregates campaign-level insights across multiple interactions with leads

CallRail, the AI-powered lead intelligence platform, announced AI-driven, multi-conversation insight capabilities. This first of its kind capability takes AI generated insights to a deeper level by analyzing up to 100 customer calls and surfacing trends, opportunities, and risks over time.

By generating insights from all calls in a campaign, automatically, this release represents an increase in efficiency for marketers, and also raises the bar for what is possible with conversational AI. Until today, conversational AI could only generate a transcript or highlights from a single conversation. This meant, at best, hours of manual analysis for marketers to identify trends and actionable intelligence from calls generated from a campaign. Even worse, they can miss key takeaways and opportunities buried in hours and hours of conversations with prospects and customers.

Through multi-conversation insights, businesses will now have visibility to the following information from a specific source over a past 7 day period:

  • 3–6 sentence summaries to give marketers a quick, accurate overview of what types of conversations a campaign is driving.
  • Average sentiments of calls in a campaign each week and identification of trends driving positive or negative customer satisfaction.
  • Commonly asked questions that will drive businesses’ SEO and keyword strategy, marketing messaging and product offerings.

Multi-conversation insights will empower businesses with the understanding of what causes confusion, excitement, or frustration so they have true voice of the customer to make data-driven business decisions. This new feature also allows for monitoring of reports so trends can be identified over time. For example, if a business is receiving frequent calls about a service they do not offer, they have the data-backed information needed to refine their marketing messaging to reach the right audience, or even update their product or service offerings to better meet customer demands.

“The scheduled multi-conversation insight reports I receive are the perfect opportunity to kick off our action plan for the week,” said Chuck Karas, President of Fresh Air Home Services. “I receive a high-level, real-time understanding of how our marketing campaigns are being perceived by our customers and can easily flag wins and areas of opportunity for my team.”

Multi-conversation insights are only possible with extremely high transcription accuracy. CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence suite is powered by a new Speech AI model, Universal, from AssemblyAI. With a continued focus on increased reliability and accuracy, Universal is trained on 12.5 million hours of multilingual speech data (including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch).

“Multi-conversation insights is a game changer for the industry,” said Sean McCrohan, vice president of technology at CallRail. “This new, super-human capability not only ensures our customers have the most comprehensive and accurate attribution data, but also the most actionable AI-generated campaign insights from their conversations.”

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