Catapult PR launches Narrative Coaching Services


atapult PR, a leading B2B technology public relations agency, today announced the launch of its Catapult Narrative Coaching services. With decades of industry experience and expertise in strategic narrative marketing, Catapult’s new service guides companies in articulating their stories and establishing themselves as leaders in the market.

Catapult offers a free narrative assessment here

In today’s competitive landscape, how a company communicates its story is crucial to its success. Effective messaging attracts prospects and instills confidence in current customers while setting the brand apart from the noise and clutter of the market. From an alignment perspective, a compelling narrative properly positions a company and unifies the entire organization around a common cause.

Catapult Narrative Coaching services draw upon decades of experience helping CEOs and marketing teams develop powerful company positioning and messaging that stands out in the market.

Catapult Narrative Coaching services include:

  1. Messaging Analysis:  Catapult conducts a thorough narrative assessment, providing an honest outsider’s perspective on an organization’s messaging. This analysis also consists of a review of competitors’ messaging, offering valuable insights into company differentiation.
  2. Narrative Recommendations:  Catapult provides a framework for messaging improvements, enabling companies to revise and strengthen their narratives effectively.
  3. Narrative Brainstorming:  Catapult leads engaging positioning and messaging brainstorming sessions, guiding executives and marketing teams in revising and enhancing their company story. Organizations can foster creativity and out-of-the-box thinking by breaking free from ingrained internal perspectives.
  4. Narrative Building:  Catapult assists in developing company positioning and messaging, industry-focused narrative frameworks, and North Star aligning taglines and category leadership themes.
  5. Content Guidance:  Catapult ensures that all content, including presentations, blogs, webinars, and speaking abstracts, aligns with and supports an organization’s strategic narrative and vision by providing valuable feedback and suggestions.

“Catapult’s narrative work gave DevOps Institute a messaging ecosystem we could work upon,” said Jayne Groll, former CEO of DevOps Institute. “It provided a platform to build a stronger relationship with DevOps vendors, receive more invitations to speak at industry events and engage with thought leaders. Essentially, leading with human-focused messaging brought the community to us.”

Catapult Narrative Coaching services are available now, empowering companies within DevOps, cloud computing and software and AI to elevate their storytelling. Every engagement is tailored to meet customers’ needs, ensuring maximum impact and relevance.

To learn more about Catapult Narrative Coaching services, visit or contact Guy Murrel at

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