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Celebrus Heads to PegaWorld iNspire this June


In June, Celebrus will head to PegaWorld iNspire in Las Vegas as a Bronze sponsor. Across the globe, Celebrus has been providing digital identity, consumer profiles, and journeys to Pega decisioning via our patented platform so that brands can unlock the true power of Pega CDH and make sure Pega is fully informed with better digital data.

Investments in decisioning platforms are critical, with recent research suggesting that 50% of consumers walk away from brands after one bad encounter. But a decisioning platform without better digital data is destined to underdeliver on its promise. You may be frustrated with fragmented digital identity and profiles, a lack of structured digital data to bring into Pega CDH, latent data availability, or simply struggling with getting your decisioning program off the ground. The solution is Celebrus.

Celebrus and Pega have proven to unlock the potential of decisioning programs for global brands. Every single frustration and shortcoming of digital identity and data will immediately disappear – and Celebrus can be deployed in weeks, not months to help brands build better encounters and relationships with their customers in a compliant manner.

“Customers that have selected Celebrus as the main digital input to Pega are seeing incredible results across the globe. Those that haven’t are struggling to build momentum, and we are constantly being brought in to fix the digital gaps when organizations mistakenly think their digital data was good enough as is. We look forward to showing brands why Celebrus is exactly what they need to get the most out of their Pega investment,” said Bill Bruno, CEO, Celebrus.

Meet the Celebrus team at PegaWorld iNspire in Las Vegas June 9-11, 2024, booth #5.

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