ChannelEngine announced the acquisition of Retail Data Partners


ChannelEngine, a global leader in marketplace integration and management software, is excited to announce its strategic acquisition of Retail Data Partners, a pioneering US-based company that developed an innovative Amazon Vendor solution suite. With the acquisition, ChannelEngine is strengthening its first-party (1P) selling model functionality; enabling customers to have a scalable hybrid selling strategy on marketplaces.

ChannelEngine is an international authority in third-party (3P) selling, allowing customers a direct-to-consumer approach via marketplaces. With the addition of Retail Data Partners, ChannelEngine offers the ability to manage Amazon Vendor and Seller through one powerful solution, boosting profitability through process automation, deeper insights, and the use of features such as Dispute Recovery for immediate impact. Hybrid selling combines the predictability and streamlined sales of 1P selling with the flexibility, higher margins, and greater control over pricing, inventory, and content that 3P selling provides.

The acquisition marks a significant milestone in ChannelEngine’s mission to streamline and optimize online sales for its customers. “Amidst rapidly evolving markets, solutions that enable hybrid online selling are essential to maximize our customers’ ecommerce revenue potential,” said Jorrit Steinz, CEO and Founder of ChannelEngine. “That’s why at ChannelEngine, we’re dedicated to innovating and expanding our solution set. Our aim is to create an all-in-one platform that empowers multiple models of online selling, and enhances operational effectiveness in one seamless experience.”

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