Claspo integrates with Shopify, unleashes widget power for merchants


Claspo, the website widget platform, announces its integration with Shopify, the leading e-commerce giant. Tailored to address merchants’ common widget-related challenges, Claspo perfectly complements the Shopify ecosystem and fills gaps left by existing solutions. 

Installing the Claspo app from the Shopify app store allows merchants to easily create widgets for various marketing goals without technical hurdles and learning curves. Manage and scale efficient widget strategies without compromising user experience and bounce rate growth, and boost sales globally with detailed geotargeting and dynamic multilingual widgets —all with minimal manual effort and reduced risk of errors.

Nikita Korchevskyi, Founder and CEO of Claspo: 

“Claspo simplifies the Shopify retailers’ task at every stage. With an extensive library of 700+ pre-designed templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, widget creation is effortless. Setting up widgets is streamlined through preset UX-focused display rules, and managing them is hassle-free with default overlapping protection. Merchants can unleash their creativity with confidence that Claspo will ensure their widgets convert without annoying website visitors.”

Claspo has already demonstrated its effectiveness in delivering impressive results for customers:

  • a 19% increase in discounted product sales for MAUDAU,
  • a 110% boost in conversion rate for Grade,
  • a 48% increase in product downloads for Devart.

Shopify retailers can now seamlessly leverage Claspo’s advanced functionality to enhance key performance indicators. With its affordable pricing and flexible policies, Claspo caters to both large e-commerce players and startup businesses, offering the best price-quality ratio among similar Shopify apps.

Claspo is a smart website widget platform that boosts conversions with advanced targeting options, flexible display rules, and a toolkit for an exceptional user experience.

Founded in 2021, Claspo has already earned Product of the Day on Product Hunt and the trust of 500+ clients across diverse industries, affirming its effectiveness.

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